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Oasis - Live At Knebworth (Vol. 1) 1. Oasis - Show Open (1:05) 2. Oasis - Columbia (4:47) 3. Oasis - Acquiesce (4:00) 4. Oasis - Supersonic (4:43) 5. Oasis - Hello (3:40) 6. Oasis - Some Might Say (5:16) 7. Oasis - Roll With It (4:09) 8. Oasis - Morning Glory (4:07) 9. Oasis - Round Are Way (5:12) 10. Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol (4:53)
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Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters 1. Scissor Sisters - Laura (3:35) 2. Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama (4:31) 3. Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (4:25) 4. Scissor Sisters - Mary (4:40) 5. Scissor Sisters - Lovers In The Backseat (3:17) 6. Scissor Sisters - Tits On The Radio (3:13) 7. Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgeous (3:47) 8. Scissor Sisters - Music Is The Victim (2:56) 9. Scissor Sisters - Better Luck (3:07) 10. Scissor Sisters - It Can’t Come Quickly Enough (4:38) 11. Scissor Sisters - Return To Oz (4:41)
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Fan Account: My minute with Dreamcatcher in Amsterdam Hi everyone! I recently went to Dreamcatcher’s concert and signing session in Amsterdam and I wanted to share my experience with you guys. I’m a Korean guy living in the Netherlands and I can speak Korean fluently, so I actually managed to have a decent conversation with them. It still feels like a dream, and in a desperate attempt to engrave all these beautiful memories into my mind, I’ll write down every detail I can remember. I think roughly 200 people showed up for the signing session. We were all standing outside in the freezing cold for hours until they finally started letting people in in order of their wristband numbers. As we entered the room, we were each handed a poster for them to sign. I noticed the people in front of me were all coming back out incredibly quickly, so I mentally prepared myself to absorb everything in the short amount of time that we were given. When I stepped into the room, I looked around the corner and the first member I saw was Dami, and I just couldn’t believe how beautiful she is. She’s already gorgeous on camera, but believe me when I say that she’s even more so in real life. I could only catch glimpses of the rest, as they were blocked off by fans. Finally it was my turn. SuA: As I stepped in front of SuA, I said “안녕하세요!” (Annyeonghaseyo!). At first she said “Hello~” in English, but half a second later she had a surprised look on her face as she asked “어? 한국분이세요?” (Oh, are you Korean?). I immediately replied “네! 한국인이에요. 이름은 유빈이에요.” (Yes! I’m Korean. My name is Yoobin). To which she responded with a very happily surprised look and said “우와! 진짜요? 다미랑 이름이 똑같아요!” (Wow! Really? You have the same name as Dami!). For those of you who don’t know, Dami’s real name is Yoobin. I couldn’t even say bye to SuA as I was quickly shuffled forwards to the next member, but she waved goodbye. Sua maintained eye contact throughout this entire exchange and was just stunning from start to finish. Handong: At this point my mind was slowly turning into a blank slate and starting to forget everything I wanted to say to them. Handong casually greeted me with a sweet “Hello~”. The first thing I blurted out to Handong was “너무 예쁘세요! 저 지금 심장 멎을 것 같아요 ㅠㅠ” (You’re so pretty! I think my heart’s going to stop T__T). She brushed her hair behind her ear looked up slightly and replied with a shy “고마워요 ^^” (Thank you ^^), to which I almost died on the spot. Siyeon: Siyeon quickly caught onto the fact that I could speak Korean and greeted me with “안녕하세요~” (Annyeonghaseyo~). I replied with “안녕하세요! 너무 팬이에요!” (Hi! I’m a huge fan!) I was clutching at my heart at this point. She said “우리 보러 와줘서 고마워요 ^^” (Thank you for coming to see us ^^). I replied “아니에요! 여기로 와주셔서 너무 감사합니다 ㅠㅠ” (No, thank YOU for coming here T__T) Jiu: Jiu smiled as she asked “우와! 한국인이세요?” (Wow! You’re Korean?) I replied “네 맞아요! 아, 그리고 지유씨 아육대 하는거 봤어요!” (Yes, that’s right! Oh, and I saw you performing at ISAC!) Her face lit up as she said “아 진짜요? :D” (Oh really? :D) “네! 집에서 엄청 응원했어요!” (Yeah! I cheered for you from home!) She flashed the brightest smile in the universe, gave me two thumbs up and said “오빠 최고!” (Oppa, you’re the best!). She maintained eye contact, continued smiling and did cutest little thumbs up shoulder dance as I moved on. I will never forget this for the rest of my life. Yoohyeon, Gahyeon, Dami: At this point, the people ahead of me were all done, so I was essentially talking to 3 members at once. Yoohyeon greeted me cheerfully and said “아 진짜 한국인이시네! 안녕하세요~” (Oh, you’re really Korean! Hello~). I replied “네, 안녕하세요! 다들 너무 예쁘세요 ㅠㅠ. 지금 네덜란드에서 사는 팬이고 이름은 유빈이에요.” (Yes, hi! You’re all so pretty T__T. I’m a fan currently living in the Netherlands and my name is Yoobin.) Gahyeon took a very surprised look on her face, turned to Dami and put a hand on her shoulder to grab her attention and said “우와! 언니, 오빠 이름이 유빈이레!” (Wow! Unnie, oppa’s name is Yoobin!). Dami smiled as she said “우와 진짜?” (Wow, really?) and she gave me the cutest little applause. Yoohyeon asked “유학 오신거에요?” (Are you here as an exchange student?). I replied “아니요, 저 지금 네덜란드 산지 18년 됬어요.” (No, it’s been 18 years since I started living in the Netherlands.) All three of them went “오~” (Oh~) as they looked at each other, as if I was somehow cool for living in a foreign country. Gahyeon, being the adorable maknae that she is, wrote “To. 유빈오빠
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The Beautiful South - Welcome to the Beautiful South (1989). My original copy is in a really bad state so when this reissue was announced no second thoughts on getting it. I loved The Housemartins and so pissed off when they disbanded only after two amazing albums. After disbandment Norman Cook’s Fatboy Slim was not really my style but The Beautiful South seemed like a continuation of the Housemartins. Really loved this debut album, but it just didn’t have the kind of impact or freshness that I felt with the Housemartins. Maybe by that time I was more into shoegaze and just lost interest altogether. So despite their long career this is the only proper studio album I owned of them. Later on I bought their compilation Carry on up the Charts, but that didn’t convince me to get their other albums. I guess this is the only album that I will remember them to be. I guess I’m thinking this to be the third Housemartins album…#thebeautifulsouth #thehousemartins #paulheaton #pop #reissue #songforwhoever
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