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Posted: 5589.9 hours ago
We forget that Flint is STILL dealing with poisoned water that is corroding the pipes in the homes of residents. We forget that Flint happened as a result of the Governor’s attempt to privitize water. We forget that when you put profits over people you are capable of doing ANYTHING. We dont realize that people are being EVICTED right now for falling behind on a water bill for water they cant drink and can only wash in, sparingly. We dont what KWA is and how its connection to Flint was a catalyst on this nightmare. We dont remember that NOBODY has gone to jail for this act of gross negligence. #prayforflint #waterislife #miniwaconi
#waterislife #prayforflint #miniwaconi
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Now this is a shame that Boogie Fressh has more love for flint water crisis than these so called bitches we call Michigan governors! At first I liked Boogie for his rap crafts but now he has my 100% respect! PS. HE DONT EVEN LIVE HERE IN MICHIGAN! Ain’t that something?!! Don’t even live here and he’s supporting Flint! Shout out to @boogiefressh See you in Cali my nigga! You have my utmost respect Boogie believe that!! #flintwatercrisis #helpflint #flintmichigan #teamboogiefressh #prayforflint
#flintwatercrisis #flintmichigan #teamboogiefressh #prayforflint #helpflint
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Click the link in the bio. The city of #Flint continues to be a big disappointment to its residents. State prosecutors also decided to CRIMINALLY CHARGE those involved with the cover up of the city’s toxic tap water, but residents say those charged aren’t the only ones at fault. All those charged are MID-LEVEL government employees or BELOW. Link in bio to read more. #FlintCrisis #flintwatercrisis #PrayForFlint
#flintcrisis #prayforflint #flint #flintwatercrisis
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The #rachelmaddowshow deserves big props for keeping the #flintwatercrisis in the news and on the minds of America! She went to Flint and conducted a Town hall, brought much needed awareness to this MAN made human rights catastrophic event, please pray for the people of #FlintMichigan #PrayForFlint #flintwatercrisis #FlintMichigan
#prayforflint #flintwatercrisis #rachelmaddowshow #flintmichigan
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This past weekend I had the pleasure to perform Malaika by legendary Mariam Makeba at the International Women’s Day Dinner in Flint, MI. I also had leisure time to speak with Avanté, a 22yr old resident of Flint working at the hotel my bunch stayed in. After assisting us with extra towels my mom invited her join us for the event. She explained the alarming dovetailed events her community is going through of having poisoned water running in their homes. Although her area of Flint wasn’t contaminated she was still in deep worry for her family & friends suffering from the crisis. And even though tons of water has been donated to the area she stressed that no one wants to spend the rest of their lives bathing from water bottles. Hearing her story and experiencing so much more within this short time, I’ve learned to open my eyes and be even more grateful for what I have. Much love - Tommi💙 #womensday #womenshistorymonth #YoungAndPowerful #prayforflint #flintfwd #flintwatercrisis #flintmichigan
#flintwatercrisis #prayforflint #flintfwd #youngandpowerful #womensday #womenshistorymonth #flintmichigan
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