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Posted: 4.8 hours ago
OKAY I’M SORRY FOR BEING SARCASTIC BUT JOKES ASIDE- If you’ve ever been in this situation, either side of it- as a roleplaying partner it’s important to understand that the person on the other side of the screen is a living, breathing person, just like you! Roleplaying is a hobby, for some, you might be more passionate, and if so, that’s great! But please respect each other’s needs, and please, please don’t be passive aggressive about it! >< It doesn’t make anyone feel so great, and it feels as if you’re guilt-tripping your partner for taking time off to themselves. And it’s not going to make them want to RP more– they might even become hesitant! QQ’‘ By respecting each other, you’ll run into less conflict, understand each other better and will be able to have a great time! ^^
#windaura #roleplay #roleplay advice #psa #roleplay psa #my art #the most beautiful drawing of windaura turned out to be the time I drew her sarcastically oh my god
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