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Chokhi Dhani Foods Ready to Eat Combo Mix for Dinner and Breakfast. Have you ever noticed, in this 21st century everything has just become imbalance. Mostly people are facing the problem of mismanagement in their daily lives. Surely you had also observed that in this new generation world people used to migrate from their native places or cities to other cities to earn money or for studies. Nowadays money, future and education have become so important that people are forced to leave their native place and migrated towards other places, according to their needs. Due to this they all face difficulties in surviving as different places have different food, different climate and different lifestyle even different tastes. We believe that food is an\a important component for everyone and no sacrifices should be done in this, after all experts\scientist has also counted food in a category of basic needs. While keeping this point in mind worldwide famous ‘The Chokhi Dhani Group’ has brought the items of Ready to eat and now you don’t have to sacrifice regarding your food and taste. We are really pleased to announce that now CDG group can reach at your houses too. You can get these items in retail shops, grocery shops and in Big Bazar. It is really easy to get. There are many items but here we are briefing you about the most popular and demanding Indian dishes. They are Malai Kofta, Dal Makhani and combo of Punjabi Chole Rice. You can get these popular dishes in the form of Ready to eat and even through this; you can get the taste of food of your home. Malai Kofta - Ready to eat combo mix Malai Kofta is a classy North Indian dish. It is popular as well as demanding dish of North. It is a specialty of Northern India. People mostly serve this dish on the occasions. This dish could be served on any occasions birthday party, wedding it adds superiority to the food as well in the occasion.It is not a heavy dish and made by the ingredients which we use in our daily lives like onion, Malai, Tomato etc. This dish can be served with anything Bread, Naan,roti. It tastes delicious and you can have it when you are hungry and want to have something filling and which tastes very good. Dal Makhani Dal Makhani is a famous Punjabi dish and this delicious dish doesn’t need any introduction. It is a very popular dish of Punjab, which is prepared by lentils, as it is prepared by a lentil that is why, it has a characteristic of healthy dish. Punjabi food is incomplete without this dish. It is a main dish of their livelihood. Punjabi Chole Rice Punjabi’s cannot even imagine their life without this dish. This dish has marked their presence in every hotel, restaurants. It is really very different and filling dish. Mostly tourists demand for this dish as they had heard a lot about it. If you are living far from your home or you have a busy life, so no worries then also you can have the taste of these dishes. These three dishes are now available in the form of Ready to eat. It is really very to prepare it you only need a utensil and water that’s it. you will get the similar taste as of your home. Contact : #ChokhiDhaniInstagram #Facebook #Twitter #Googleplus
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