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I did this bad ass piece a while ago. I was super impressed with how it came out. Mark had done the exact same tattoo on someone else and I had the task to do one just as good as his. This guy took the pain well, especially when we wrapped that cord around his arm! #mic #microphone #realism #shiney #reflective #reflection #customtattoo #blackandwhitetattoo #tattoos #tattoo #shoulderpiece #linework (at Yeah Man Art And Ink)
#mic #microphone #realism #shiney #reflective #reflection #customtattoo #blackandwhitetattoo #tattoos #tattoo #shoulderpiece #linework
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Resting, Bhavesh Zala Watercolor Wash on 300gsm HP. paper. Saurashtra is a vast & abundant land of agriculture, cattle and authentic heritage. People bring their herd of cattle to green forest & meadows for grazing. During the whole day they enjoy tea with their smoking in their unique ways of sitting posture, I accompany them to the nearby forest all day. While observing their ongoing activities I can notice how tension free and full of life they are. These moments of them which are fearless, worry less about future, that appears on their innocent and dark faces, with a complete feeling of satisfaction, is what I imbibe capture and create which are reflected in my paintings. I was inspired by their dark complexion, dirty white attire and very bold yet sober way of sitting. I try to represent their moods style gestures and transform them in my paintings with water colors wash technique and have derived my creation called ‘Mute Gossip’ in this scintillating and beautiful series. My ultimate ambition is to bring their simplicity and unique ways into reality with my paintings.
#impressionism #realism #figurative #bhaveshzala
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Venice - View of Campo della Carita looking towards the Dome of the Salute, Camille Corot Medium: oil,canvas
#realism #frenchart #camillecorot #corot
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Delicious, Eunjeong Yoon I concentrate on realism technique, by highlighting life-like fruits in her pieces. The color red in her works represents human “passion” and “desire” for everlasting beauty. However, I intentionally paints in “imperfections” on the fruits to capture a moment in time; these blemishes portray how quickly “beauty” deteriorates. The fruits help convey my ideas of a moment of youth and eternal beauty.
#realism #eunjeongyoon
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