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// ACCESS GRANTED: ROWAN NIGHTFALL. NICK ROBINSON. NINETEEN<!-- more --> Strengths: Protective, Resourceful, Observant Weaknesses: Secretive, Fastidious, Obstinate Chosen weapon: Darts Token: A burlap bracelet with the word “brave” engraved in it Your story starts as most fairytales often do, a boy meets a girl and the rest is history. Except this is not a fairytale, and there is no pixie dust or magic. Instead it is in kisses in back alleys, it is an accidental pregnancy, it is running away from home and never looking back. It is the boy promising to stand by the child more than the girl, it is the opposite of a shotgun wedding, it is the agreement that two parents would be good for the kid’s development and the agreement that neither wants to get married. It is compromise for the kid’s sake. It is not exactly a magical love story, but it is the first one you are ever told. As you grow up, you have mom or dad, and very rarely both at the same time, but you cherish the moments when the three of you are together in the same room, the moments that are so rare you can almost watch them slip between your fingers. You know this is not how things are supposed to be, that the lives of your classmates are so different, but the system the three of you have worked out is so concrete that the comments people make about it float past you, as if their words are bubbles made out of dish soap. There are conversations that you have with each of them separately about why your family structure is not the same as your friends and classmates. You ask mom why she doesn’t love dad. She says she does, she says she always has, but she says that if she spent anymore time with him, she might force a peacekeeper to off him on her behalf. You ask dad why marriage isn’t for him, and he says that he likes keeping his options open, he likes not being forced into spending all of his free time with the same person. They show you one way to love, so that when you fall in love for the first time, you don’t recognize it. When the brunette girl that you see around your neighborhood sings for the first time, you let her voice infect your brain, wash over you like the smell of dust after rain, something you can’t ignore yet something you can hardly describe. But when your first kiss happens right after a rainstorm, suddenly, you find yourself able to describe both at the same time. Something that started as a friendship has grown into so much more, and now you are backup singer, number one fan, biggest supporter, and boyfriend, all wrapped up into one package that is sealed with the sweetest kiss you have ever felt grace your lips. Things are good, the talent show is something you encourage her to do, and seeing her up on that stage feels right. She comes in second, you are ready to call the whole thing a sham. And then the winner gets sent into the arena. And then the winner doesn’t come home. And then suddenly, something you did not pay attention to becomes the only thing you can think about. You think about how the song that is constantly in your ears was almost cut short, you think about how her untimely death would have been your fault. You are a pair now, the two of you, the way she shakes at night when she’s sleeping something you can feel even when she is not beside you. The money you have been receiving from her over the years had to have come from somewhere, and now, you’re a part of the act. You are a harmonizer, you have a tambourine tapping against your leg, your eyes darting from person to person standing in the small audience around you and landing on a peacekeeper with his phone out, smiling to himself like he’s doing something you know is wrong. You linger afterwards, you watch him send the video off to the Capitol. You do your research, you hear the songs written for you leaving someone else’s lips. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth. You are filled with an anger that you have never felt before, an anger that has run in your family for generations, the real reason why your parents never married, why your mom wears long sleeve shirts after spending time with your dad, why the way she always spoke of killing him seemed to grow less playful as the years went on. You bury it down deep inside, letting it fester and burn. Yet you do not take it out on your mother, or the girl who weaves the story of your relationship into song. You plan against the peacekeeper, the government, you learn how to make poison, how to take deadly aim. The paranoia becomes something that is hard to ignore. Now, you always keep a few darts on you just in case. You switch locations, moving closer to more upscale neighborhoods. Your eyes are watching the audience more closely than before, you move more often, you’re afraid he’s following, afraid of a plant, afraid of someone hurting your girl to the point where you lose her. One day, you move too far, to the wrong location, to the wrong side of town. You get charged with trespassing, the peacekeepers look at you like they know the family history of violence. They keep a closer eye on you than her. And now, because of that one day, you’re branded criminals, your names are in the bowl you’ve so expertly avoided for the past seven years, and hers is chosen. Your hand goes up to volunteer faster than the darts you throw, yet the outcome is just as lethal. From this point on, nothing matters. From this point on, your only concern is getting her out alive. This will be the greatest love story ever told. PLAYED BY: OPHELIA
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We’re in the middle of a heat wave with over 30° temperatures nearly every day, so I dug out the round-tipped scissors and hacked most of the floof off of Ensign Ro here again. Lil bro is a lot perkier now and also enjoys having his ears spritzed for coolness (I’ll have to get my assistant to take video of that later).
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