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Some people are saying there are plot holes in episode 6 because Usagi mentions she the “leader of everyone, but she also doesn’t have any power and can’t do anything.” She also adds, “[but] I have to protect everyone!” By saying this, they are saying she’s talking casually about her secret identity as if it is out in the open. Tuxedo Mask: 私はどうしても「幻の銀水晶」を手にいりたい。だが、私にはセーラ戦士のような力がない。 Usagi: あたしも同じ、皆のリーダーなのに、なんの力もない、何もできない。あたしが皆を守らなくちゃのに…!! But In the context of the literal Japanese she says: “皆” minna, as in everyone and doesn’t refer to a specific team or use セーラ戦士 sailor guardians, like Tuxedo Mask. I think she’s just trying to relate to Tuxedo Mask with the whole “powerless” bit and is implying she’s the group leader in some school related thing. In Japanese schools there are class leaders and group leaders. As for the “I must protect everyone” I’d say while in the context of school, she feel responsible for the students underneath her. But this is an anime, so she’s allowed to be dramatic. I don’t see this as she’s admitting she’s Sailor Moon. But c'mon Usagi, he led you to the enemy a couple times now when you weren’t Sailor Moon. She’s not exactly the brightest ;)
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