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The face of me realizing I didn’t even need to attend the orientation because I’d already figure out how to register for classes & was already all set. Turns out this. Session was for transfer students that hadn’t enrolled in class yet. OOPS. On the plus side, my group for the School of Science and Mathematics was the smallest group so it went pretty quick. But it’s now official. I’m only taking 9 credits this semester just to get back in the swing of things, but I’m all set to start next month so wish me luck! #school #itstime #biologicalsciences #humanbiology #biomajor #imready
#biologicalsciences #imready #humanbiology #itstime #school #biomajor
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Summer version of productivity on Thursday! I haven’t been outside for more than one day, but it’s totally fine, right? I guess we all sometimes have moments, when going outside seems so hard and your room becomes even more comfortable than ususal. At least, I had a plenty of time for studying and reading. Being productive during holidays is a completely different thing than productivity while going to school. You don’t have to study anything, so if you do open the textbook, then it’s just because you want to learn something. Today I read some Chemistry, which wasn’t complicated at all, and after that came time for Physics. The mess in the photo is a real situation that was going on my table, while I was studying Physics and I need all that stuff for taking notes. Sometimes I don’t understand myself, just like today. I’m finishing Little Women, I’m in the middle of Ernest Hemingway’s book True at first light and this evening I’ve downloaded one more book and already started it. Just why? On the other hand this new book is really refreshing and motivating, but I can’t tell about it a lot, because I’m just in the beginning, so my mind can easily be changed by the end of the book.
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