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A decent day’s work. I’m over half way done, maybe 2/3rds? Jeeze, how did this get so long?! I’m just gonna go ahead and give y’all another teaser. I’m too generous, I know. <!-- more --> Meeting after meeting, appointment after appointment. It ate the entire day and the early evening away, but Shiro didn’t dare show any weakness of his own until they got back to the suite. “FINALLY,” he sighed in relief as the elevator door closed behind them. Allura giggled. “Tired?” “Footsore.” He crossed to the sofa and began untying his shoes. “Are you hungry?” “Famished,” she agreed. “My lunch was not very filling.” “Yeah, I guess the Vice Chairman’s on a diet or something.” Her brow furrowed. “What do you mean?” He grinned and explained everything he’d noticed her doing. She seemed miffed at first, then defensive, and then just sighed and threw up her hands. “I thought I was doing so well!” “You were!” He rose and walked over to her. “You did a great job! I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who noticed, and even that’s only because I already know you so well.” He rubbed her arms. “Don’t worry about it.” She hugged him, and he returned it, patting her back. “Let’s get some food, hm?” he suggested. “You choose,” she said from against his chest. “Oh man, I have my choice of what to eat at one of the best hotels in the world? I’m not sure I can make that decision.” “Well, you have to, or I’ll starve. Wither away and die.” She started slumping towards the floor. “Whoa, hey now!” He bent and scooped her up. “We can’t have that.” She giggled and looped her arms around his neck. “Well, you’ll have to choose then.” “You planned this.” He carried her to the sofa. “Absolutely.” He laid her down gently. “Rest up. I’ll go order something.” But she wasn’t letting go of him. “You could stay here a little longer. If you wanted.” His eyes searched her face. She was grinning like she was teasing him, but there was a plea in her gaze. He sighed and leaned down to kiss her forehead, then moved to get her hands off him. “I’m hungry. You’re hungry. Let me get our food order in.” He stood up. “Before you waste away, remember?” “Okay.” She sat up and he thought he caught her pouting before he went to the phone to call down to the kitchen. Once that was done, he went to his room to hang up his uniform jacket, get rid of the tie, unbutton the top buttons of his shirt, take off his socks, that sort of thing. He made sure to keep his belt and sidearm on though. “How long until the food arrives?” Allura called from the main room. “About forty minutes they said.” “Good, I’m going to take a shower.” She popped her head into his doorway. “Would you care to join me?” He could already feel his face catching fire. “Someone has to be here to get the food when it shows up.” “It’ll be a quick shower.” “Not if I join you, it won’t be.” She blushed and giggled and left him alone. He returned to the main room and tried to find something not entirely idiotic to distract him from the thought of showering with Allura. When nothing did the trick, he just left it on a nature program – something about lions – and let his mind wander.
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Welcome one and all to @shallura-network, a blog dedicated to shiro and allura’s relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic Here you will find all kinds of shallura-centric posts, ranging from art, gifs, edits, fics and discussions. If you can name it, we got it! To find out more about us, you can check out our about and faq page. Also, if you’re interested in what we’ll be making and reblogging, you can check out our creations and tags page
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