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I grew up at a time where just getting your music video seen on local music shows like, (Video Music Box with DJ Ralph McDaniels) in NYC ( before RAP CITY was showing love to hip hop artists), was HUGGEE and getting a record deal was a dream come true! It was a COME UP!! It was the proven “yellow brick road” to cashing in and being “Rich”. When you are born and from a city that hails some of hip- hop’s greatest artists, now legends, you can’t help to feel proud of the choices they made to not GIVE UP on their talent, craft, and their dreams. Using their adversity, their life experiences through their art to give back in a larger capacity. Utilizing their growth to SHOW through their ACTIONS just what it means to solidify your goals. Especially, when they use it as a platform to create a blueprint that EVERYONE can use and learn from. Salute to that BROOKLYN boi from this BROOKLYN girl!!#ShawnCarter #JayZ @Regranned from @unitedmasters - Insert that 4:44 line about financial freedom here. 📝: @djscratch, 🔁: @elliottwilson #ElevateToMotivate #FinancialFreedom #DefiningYourPlatform #InstaLuv💋💋
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