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Life was good, until one day it wasn’t. Bodies of students have begun to emerge, half eaten, dead. Fear bubbles. Curfews are set. Spells are cast. Are you ready? Welcome, to Protego. Try your best to stay alive. PROTEGO. is an upcoming post-potter era roleplay with a murderous twist. Join us on tumblr as we prepare for our site open! We’re currently doing introductions + early reserves!
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The fact he’s in Goodwill says something The fact he hasn’t been picked up yet says more (I saw an ad originally for “Trumpy Bear” at 3 AM during the summer… it was so campy and poorly made I thought it was a joke. It was not.) Ellensburg, WA
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Adding to the softness These are two of my faves *heart eyes* He’s very photogenic. Usually I lean more to like buff or like chubby dudes but dude… people like Danny and Sean? my heart. Soo good their just good boys and I love them so fluffy. They are so soft and goofy
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infinite arms, active marauder era rpg James Potter is dead. Countless others have met the same fate at the wands of the Death Eaters. The war in full swing it seems there is no end in sight. Hogwarts has been shut down indefinitely. But when will the school reopen? Dumbledore is making strides to rebuild the venerable building but can students really be called safe after yet another attack on the school? The situation in the United Kingdom has become increasingly dire as death seems to stalk any who dare speak out against the Dark Lord. That is not to say that the Ministry is not fighting back. The leaders in the DMLE have formed a clandestine alliance with the Order and they have worked together to raid Death Eater strongholds and face down their attacks. This war has been fought int he shadows can no longer be hidden. Can this wave of darkness be stopped or will those who resist be swept away? canon list | face claim | requests | our discord
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⎡∙ i know i’d go back to you ∙⎤ back to you is a character driven real life jcink premium site set in vancouver, bc. we are dedicated to creating a lasting environment that encourages long term character, plot, and overall community development. join us today! ⎡rules // groups // face claim // applications // requests // discord⎤
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after another day of slow business, piper walked into the back room feeling more defeated than usual. everything seemed to be going wrong. sasha was missing, the mayor was out for blood, and piper kept facing consequence after consequence for somebody else’s actions. she sighed loudly at her desk, scrolling through the numbers on her computer. low, low, low. the sound of a bell ringing pulled her out of her depressed stupor, signaling a customer in the store. piper breathed in deeply, putting on her customer service smile before running to the front. to her disappointment, the store was empty. again. but she hadn’t heard the person leave, so piper cautiously walked up to the counter to peer over it to see if there was somebody hiding behind it. nothing. she walked around it, spotting a piece of paper that was there before. picking it up, she bit her bottom lip as she read the contents of the note. it looked like a scary ransom note, but… was it asking for cough medicine? was sasha sick? if she was, why would the kidnappers ask a random person for medicine? why would they want medicine at all? too many questions crossed piper’s mind, so she quickly closed up shop to get down to the police station. even if this was just some sort of sick joke that the townspeople were playing on her, piper didn’t want to take any chances.
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