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[ID: Art of Taako and Kravitz kissing, surrounded by their friends and family, under a bright blue sky. Overlaid is white text reading, “2 Taakitz 2 Week: Sept 30–Oct 6, 2018.”] Header art by @kotaplez. Announcing 2 Taakitz 2 Week: a celebration of that sweet Taako/Kravitz ship from the podcast The Adventure Zone! This time around, Taakitz Week will take place September 30 – October 6. We invite story, song, art, cosplay, poetry, fanmix, animatic, meta, and anything else your love for these boys inspires you to create! To participate, just make some Taakitz-centered content, include @taakitzweek in the body of your post, and tag it #2taakitz2week. You can also send us a link to your post or submit your content directly to this blog! Note that this round, we’re prioritizing accessibility; posts won’t be queued until they have descriptive captions or transcripts (more on that here). Our prompts are under the cut! <!-- more --> Each day has three prompts: two themes and a quote to inspire you. All prompts are optional but encouraged! Day 1: September 30 Balance Fashion disasters “That’s going to leave a mark.” Day 2: October 1 Commitment Pets & familiars (but not too familiar) “You’re taking his side?” Day 3: October 2 Amnesty Soulmate AU “You can’t kill me now, I’m busy.” Day 4: October 3 Dust Domesticity “Don’t lie to me. I know when something’s wrong.” Day 5: October 4 Elementary Crossover/Genre-swap “If I’m the voice of reason, you know it’s a bad idea!” Day 6: October 5 ⇢ Free Day! Day 7: October 6 Past, Present, Future Sail away with me “I have a confession to make.”
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