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DOWNLOAD MP3: Talee - Gat You 4 Mind Afro-Pop Singer “Talee” divulges his hotly anticipated track “GAT YOU 4 MIND”. Produced by Kelvin Drayz This comes shortly after the release of his last effort JEJE. This tune is absolutely enthralling! Enjoy & Share your thoughts. DOWNLOAD MP3: Talee - Gat You 4 Mind
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Talee loves adventures and in this first book she goes on an adventure to find treasure. #treasurehunt (Click the link in the bio 🔼 or visit to learn more about Talee’s #adventure in Talee and the Fallen Object). —- #Talee #worldstodiscover
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Bruxa: Area from/nationality: Portugal. A female vampire, the Bruxa is normally transformed into vampiric form by witchcraft. She leaves her home at night in the form of a bird and her most frequent activity is tormenting weary lost travelers. She also assumes the form of other animals, like a rat, ant or wolf. Due to their animal transformations, bruxsa are often associated with the lobishmen, which are Portuguese werewolves. She is said to appear as a beautiful maiden and leads a normal human life by day, bearing children, which in general become her regular form of food. She is said to be impossible to kill. She sucks the blood of children, and was a popular excuse to murder women during the Inquisition. It was believed that a bruxsa’s powers were confined to the hours from midnight to 2:00 in the morning. She got her powers from Satan, who she worshipped together with others of her kind. The bruxsa would gather at crossroads on Tuesdays and Fridays to get their worship on, once finished they gained even more evil powers. They’re invincible, but you can protect your children by amulets made of steel and iron. On top of that, people would sew garlic into their kid’s clothing, or, they would put a steel nail in the ground and pair of scissors under their pillow to keep the bruxsa away. Also a handful of incantations that can be spoken to ward of this vampire. If a bruxsa had already killed a child, the mother could hurt it by boiling her child’s clothes while stabbing them with a sharp instrument. The vampire would supposedly feel the jabs on her own body, and would be forced to come and beg for mercy.
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