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Posted: 109.8 hours ago
Seriously though. Being a teenager was hard for me. I struggled. 😫🚫🌎 It was me against the world and I “thought” the world was against me. I was so angry, bitter and sad. I had a great childhood with an incredible family, I just had it in my mind that I was not worthy, I was and would never be good enough. As I approached my high school years I had an epiphany, a realization that I was able to design my own life; I began to do just that. I was a very different human in junior high than I was in high school. I started “the becoming” of ME. Of Tawsha. Now here I am grateful for all of these moments of self-despair. My determined moments, my feisty moments. Today I believe that all of these moments have prepared me for what has come my way. My journey is real and it is like someone is holding my hand, leading me in a leap of faith, love and inner peace. Here I am. ❤️⠀ #stillhavethoseglasses #1980s #teenager #mysister #myfriends #loveyousis #loveyoujoel #lovinglife (at Weyburn, Saskatchewan)
#stillhavethoseglasses #1980s #teenager #mysister #myfriends #loveyousis #loveyoujoel #lovinglife
Posted: 128.3 hours ago
Zoe’s 14th birthday 🎂🎈🎉 #birthday #teenager
#birthday #teenager
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