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Posted: 17.3 hours ago
HEY posting this here so i don’t have to put this absolute mess on your dashes again— DONT reblog this post. A TON of the sources on this post are all from Scientology run websites (such as CCHR, which is a misinformation site made specifically to steer people away from psychiatry and towards scientology) & these sources are absolutely fabricated. I don’t think OP actually knew this because these sites are disguised as credible. HOWEVER; OP is also a terf and reblogs a ton of extremely transmisogynistic posts! I don’t wanna hear anything they have to say about anything! Systematic abuse is absolutely a real thing in the mental health system but this is not a good post discussing that. Having been a victim of psychiatric abuse myself I initially reblogged this post without really investigating, which was careless & I apologize for that. Stay safe! Keep real discussions going (discussions that provide hope & alternatives as well, unlike this post) but watch your sources. ✌️
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