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Posted: 15.1 hours ago
@tsumikiapologist boy i have a lot! In a lighter one first, in his p4 theory vid he kept calling Margaret Elizabeth, despite how that’s not even a spoiler and he had pics he must’ve googled in his vid. that’s just lazy imo on a more “fuck yoooou” one in one of his recent vids he spent a long time making fun of nb identities which is?? dude that’s not cool. and then he started a witch hunt on someone telling him that wasnt cool while saying the person started one on HIM that one in particular just makes me so pissed bc IM a nonbinary game theorist. the most well known game theorist is one who actively is terrible to others, that isn’t what people deserve
#rasa talks #the matthewpatthew saga #tsumikiapologist #transphobia
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