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#TS #Entertainment #responde a las #preocupaciones #sobre el #futuro de #B.#A.#P La agencia de B.A.P ha compartido una declaración oficial sobre la actual situación del grupo. Al final del concierto del 22 de julio, los miembros expresaron su incertidumbre sobre lo que le espera al grupo, ya que algunos de sus contratos con TS Entertainment están llegando a su fin. Sus palabras resultaron en rumores de disolución entre los internautas. Cuando se contactó con la agencia para obtener una respuesta, TS Entertainment comentó: “Aún no se ha confirmado nada y actualmente estamos en discusión”. Estén atentos para más actualizaciones sobre el estado de los contratos de B.A.P.
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I made a Royality fusion! His name is Parron! (click for quality) Minor headcanons: <!-- more --> He loves e v e r y t h i n g He can summon and will away his sword as he wishes The tattoos on his arms each have a meaning (and they have a slight glow!) Confident, but in an “I don’t care if other people hate me because I love myself” kind of way His crown floats (and yes, those are cat ears) He loves to make gifts for others (He’s made them Logan and Vigil) He has so much energy that he’s practically bouncing off the walls when he’s excited Super adventurous because he’s excited for new things! Doesn’t take care of himself very well because he-doesn’t-want-to-sleep-there-are-so-many-things-to-do-I-want-to-do-them Absolutely loves animals No chill whatsoever but very enthusiastic about almost everything Often acts impulsively The extremely flamboyant gay When he goes adventuring, he never hurts anything (on purpose) His sword is used to stun and it will never permanently injure anything If he was asked to choose between saving a loved one or 5 other innocent people (the trolley problem) he would say both a fight anyone who says otherwise Extremely brave and protective of his kiddos (the rest of the sides) This includes Deceit, he likes him Never ever swears unless he’s really super “passionate” and it slips out accidentally Never picks a favorite and just chooses everything Does what he wants because why not? Loves the famILY And loves you!
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