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Posted: 1.6 hours ago
If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to receive training from @independencetraining, here is your chance. We will be out on Saturday around 11am and will be doing posed shots during the lunch break and will be hanging around for a few hours afterward to catch some of the action in motion. Get too notch training from top notch trainers, and an opportunity to be featured on the pages of Danger Close Digital as an added bonus. Proper training is essential to becoming a more proficient, confident and skilled shooter, and we are always scouting for photogenic gunfighters to highlight the excellent products of our industry partners, so its a bonafide win for everyone. Hope to see you there! #guns #weapons #tactical #firearms #training (at CowTown Range Arizona)
#tactical #firearms #weapons #training #guns
Posted: 4.3 hours ago
First try at a weapon design for a game i am working on. Its pretty much just the barrel of an 1911 and the rest from a Luger. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Shit looks mad cash.
#weapons #design #game dev stuff
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