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Posted: 38.4 hours ago
After launching the 6,000 Years of Murder ebook last month, we had an overwhelming response, with loads of new people signing up to the Tim+Alex Patreon. That pushed us past our $75 stretch goal, to produce ebooks on a monthly basis… And lo, our July ebook is now complete! We’ve collected together all Alex’s guides to The Wicked + The Divine’s 1920s Pantheon and their real-life counterparts, along with a brand-new essay on Persephone’s inspiration by Tim. It’s all wrapped up in a handsome package that is one big homage to Sergio Serrano’s superlative design in the 1923 Special. The eBook is available to all our Patreon subscribers – meaning all you need to pledge to access it is $1 a month, which will let you download both our ebooks so far, and all future ones. (They won’t all be WicDiv-themed, but next month’s definitely will be.) Download the TWATD 1923 ebook here.
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Posted: 54.8 hours ago
Would anyone be interested in this WicDiv lot? I don’t read the comic anymore so these are useless to me lol. All are FIRST PRINT (minus issue 2) and issues 1, 3 and 5 are Near Mint/Mint, 2 is Very Fine and Fine/Very Fine (outside is as you can see, a bit beat up but the pages are still in good condition and intact). Please contact me if interested! I’m shipping from Canada.
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Posted: 64.2 hours ago
(The Wicked and the Divine, Issue #1, by Gillen, McKelvie, Wilson, & Cowles) I swear, this is what sold me on the series the first time around.
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Posted: 202.1 hours ago
Icons - Laura Wilson I decided to make some more character icons, starting with Laura. Feel free to use these! I’m eventually going to make icons for the rest of the cast, but haven’t decided on an order, so if anyone has a request for a certain character, just shoot me an ask!
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