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[Image description: An image featuring the logo for the fictional London Fantheon which reads: London Fantheon “the next best thing to godliness” and Iconic present The next image is a photoshop of a tumblr tag search for Fantheon 2014 Cosplay. There is one result, a picture of two white people; the person on the left is dressed as the Percy Shelley 1831 incarnation of the Morrigan, and the person on the right is dressed as the Gentle Annie 2014 incarnation of the Morrigan. The text adjacent to the the picture reads: No Other Search Results …Yet End image description. ] Hey folks! This is Iconic zine’s official call for any WicDiv cosplayers who would like to contribute a cosplay photo to our zine. We welcome cosplayers of all genders and body-types, and we’d like to feature as diverse and inclusive a group of cosplayers as possible. You can submit multiple pictures if you’d like, but to include as many people as possible we will only pick one photo per person/group. Unfortunately, due to the in-universe time period in which this zine is set, we won’t be able to include cosplay photos of Persephone. However, we have big plans for the future, and we would love to include Persephone cosplayers in a second volume because we have no chill . Below is our link to the google drive where you can submit your photos (we remind our contributors that this is a public folder):
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Hey Iconic Folks! Quick reminder that if you’ve signed up to contribute, there’s one week left before your submission is due! If you think you can’t make the deadline, please contact us soon. Additionally, anybody interested in pinch-hitting in case of an emergency, can contact us (@ferronickel and @gen-is-gone). We don’t guarantee any open slots, but if you are confident you can work in a crunch, (and if we do need a new contributor), hit us up. We are not accepting new contributors at this time. If you have any last minute questions or things to talk to us about, please contact us any time. (Sooner rather than later). We will be finalizing the zine during the month of March, and we’re super excited to see what you all have created! (image description below cut) <!-- more -->[Image Description] Iphone screenshot of text conversation between user and contacted named “Leopard Prince”. User asks: “You ready for your gig?” “I’m sure it’s going to be bigger than you think”. Leopard responds: “;)” “I’m sure it’s going to be…” followed by the logo for the Iconic zine.
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May solicitations are up. Including… THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #36 Story: Kieron Gillen Art / Cover: Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson Variant Cover: Babs Tarr Published: May 2, 2018 Diamond ID: MAR180769 Age Rating: M “MOTHERING INVENTION,” Part Three One day we’ll reveal a happy secret, like a Secret Santa, but not today. Digital : $3.99 Print: $3.99 Hurrah for Babs Tarr! Hurrah, we say.
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