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I had so much fun doing some bird photography the other day with Thomas who Is far better at wildlife photography than anyone I’ve shot with so far. The amount of difficulty required to get a decent shot of a bird is insane! Its all about reaction and knowledge of your camera, when the hummer zips down to the branch in front of you, its nothing but a race to lock in your settings, find the bird in the frame, compose the shot, focus and fire. Even if you do all those things right, there is still a huge amount of luck involved. You have to be in the right place at the right time. But what sets apart a good bird photo from a great bird photo? I wouldn’t have really known if it weren’t for Thomas. Once you start to get up to a higher level of wildlife photography, it isn’t really that impressive just to freeze a bird in the frame, there needs to be some interest in the image, something that makes you take a second look, or tells a story. One of the main thing that can play a roll in that is the background. Most birds can fly witch means you will find yourself looking up allot. Sometimes looking up at the bird can give you a nice pink sunset in the background or beautiful puffy clouds, but more times than not you will find yourself disappointed with your results due to a plain overcast sky behind what would have been a fantastic image of a bird. The background for this photos could obviously be allot better but due to the speed of the humming bird, and my lack of knowledge for bird photography I am quite happy with the result. Another aspect to creating a great bird photo is small details in the frame that add interest to the overall image. In this case there is some yellow pollen on the beak of the hummer, you can also see the blossom. I would have liked to have got the whole flower in the frame but again, I am much happier with this photo than I am with photos of a hummer in front of a dull white sky. The pollen and the flower give you something else to look at and allow your eye to wander from the main subject. When there are small details in the photo it allows you to discover more as you look at the photo longer. When we discover something hidden, or a cool aspect in a photo we tend to enjoy it more. Its very satisfying to notice a small detail and maybe point it out to a friend, it makes your brain work harder to take in the image. I am supper excited to do some more bird photography and take photos even better than this one.
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