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So I encountered a fortune teller the other day. I went into it knowing that it was a scam, but I entertained him, nonetheless. He told me things that I related to. Made educated guess that may very well have seemed to be true, but some guesses that were wrong entirely. I learnt two things from this man. One: He failed to tell me that I was in a relationship and went on about how I was still in search for the right person. He told me how I was looking for a woman to love and not for a woman with money or charm. He told me that I wanted a real woman. The thing is, I am in a relationship. One that has had its ups and downs. It’s been a bumpy ride with many tears - Of joy and unhappiness. For a while after the encounter, I questioned myself. “Maybe I’m not in the relationship whole heartedly?” Or “Maybe she is just temporary and the right girl will come along, as he said?” The thing about me is… when I make a decision, I stick to it. When I tell my lover that I love her, I mean it. When I compliment her, I mean it. When I love her, I feel it. I know she’d say the same. The fortune teller failed to tell me that I was Integral. Two: The man asked me if I was Buddhist. My religious status is a little on the fence and has been my entire life. I believe in my own “faith” and nobody can ever persuade me other wise. My answer to his question was, “yes, kind of,” and he continued the conversation as if I was knew what his religion entailed. He drew 3 lines on a piece of paper with “GOD” written above them and then gave me chants to say at Mantra - praises to a god that I don’t worship. The scariest thing about this is that I actually tried it. I was so in awe at this man that I doubted myself and took to his word. After doing so, I stepped back and thought a while. I realised that because of the heat of the moment; because of my excitement I was led to think that I knew what I was doing, when In fact it was his suggestions that I was following. The fortune teller failed to see that, even though I may make mistakes, I am always able to see past lies and stay true to myself. Bottom line of this story: If You believe You love somebody, don’t ever doubt it. Regardless of circumstances, regardless of past, present or future happenings. Don’t ever doubt Your feelings. Work with them and mould Yourself around them. Don’t ever lose sight of Yourself. Regardless of the moment, regardless of who it involves or what it involves, don’t let go of Your beliefs. This goes past faith/religion. It entails everything we do in our everyday lives. If You believe that putting on Your shirt first is better than putting on Your pants first, don’t ever change that. At the end of the day, the little things, combined with the big, are what make us ourselves and are what charter our lives in the direction that is true to us.
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