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1:02pm Travis: How again do you plan on hiding this from Charlotte? Emmett: I’ll figure it out. Hey, do want a cat for a little while? Travis: No. Emmett: Worth a shot. Oh well, we’ll think of something… won’t we, Mr. Meowgi? Travis: She’s not going to go for that name, you know that… right? Emmett: I don’t care. He’ll always be Mr. Meowgi to me. Travis: Em, you said Charlotte was at work, didn’t you? Emmett: Yep. And Peach is at school. Travis: You’re positive she’s at work? Charlotte: I mean, in his defense, he did watch me get ready this morning. It’s good to see you, Travis. Travis: I’ve really missed you, Charlotte. Charlotte: Me too. Emmett isn’t still kissing that cat, is he? Travis: I don’t know how to answer that. Charlotte: [laughs] I’m glad you’re here. Travis: Are you ready for your big day? Charlotte: I’m actually on my way out now to go and get my dress. Emmett: And you’re not even going to say hi to Mr. Meowgi? Wow. Charlotte: We’re not calling him that. Emmett: Oh, come on! It’s a good name! Charlotte: Louis is better. Anyways, I’ve really got to go. Travis, can you keep an eye on everything for me? Travis: [laughs] You bet. See you later. Travis: Is she alright? She seemed a little off. Emmett: She’s stressed, but has been for awhile. The wedding is really taking it out of her. Travis: That’s probably it, then. It’s about time you guys tied the knot. Emmett: Would you believe you’re the first person who’s told me that? Travis: [laughs] Shut up, let’s play CoD or something.
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