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@t–ord and i’s fursonas with our closed species Aikleofs name: shiloh age: unknown gender: male sexuality: gay relationship: taken height: 4'8" (anthro) 3′6" (feral) species: aikleof build: small, wide hipped, fragile, curvy, feminine likes: blue, pastels, sweets, pastries, Zayne, being submissive, dominant aiks, tall people dislikes: smoke, fire, dark colors, the dark, scary things, being dominant ((hella scared and shy)) personality: he’s a shy and fragile boy. he’s very sensitive and stutters a lot, he doesn’t mind Zayne mocking him because he’s used to it symptoms: depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorder, dementia important facts/details: he is super submissive, please draw him smaller than Zayne or your characters he’s super short… stockings are only on his plantigrade form, he doesn’t wear his glasses often but really needs them. big long floppy ears, stubby horns, one tooth sticking out, forked tongue, hair is NOT optional, chest, back, and end of tail has black/dark gray fur, large angel wings name: zayne age: 17 gender: male sexuality: gay relationship: taken height: 5'4" (anthro) 3′9" (feral) species: aikleof build: tall, slim, fragile, masculine likes: red, orange, fire, dark places, scary things, Shiloh, being dom, his stupid kinks, being super perverted, hentai dislikes: liars, rude people, ex friends, loud people, bright colors, sunshine, being tired personality: he’s not a very outgoing person but can be a real sweetheart, even though he hates rude people he can sometimes be rude but in a joking manner. he loves to cuddle and hates to exercise important facts/details: ram-like horns, stubby nose, large normal dragon wings, large ear piercing on right ear, medium floppy ears, long claws, big meaty tail .+youtube+. .+tumblr+. .+instagram+. .+deviantart+. .+twitter+. please don’t copy, steal, repost this or any of my other art without permission, thanks !
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Some more OC stuff, it’s under a read-more cuz’ it got long. <!-- more --> (been thinking of this like if they were in a game) I’m thinking everyone should have two weapons, Emm has her wings to slice stuff, and blow stuff up, (the way she fights with these is like a dance!) (the blades are also missiles!) and she also has these gauntlet things to punch stuff, Lyn now has a gun sword thing, it fires icey freezing bullets (just because) soooooo SLICE! SLASH! BANG! BANG! BANG!!!! she also kicks stuff, (she could stab you with those legs!) Mimi has a huuuuuge axe that she can throw like a boomerang, it’s also electric, shocking zappy zap zap boom!!! I don’t really know what her secondary weapon should be, maybe a big sword, like a really huge sword! the big guy is Zayne, he’s a terrible person, selfish, arrogant, and obnoxious, he’s also reeeeaally buff! (he also probably wields a huuuuuuuuuge sword) if I could come up with some sort of story for my characters, he’d be a villain, i dunno… like the first major antagonist or something.
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