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indianstargirl: indianstargirl: I would die for my best friend. My actual soulmate tbh Hi I love this girl so much and she was in an awful accident please consider donating
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astral-glass: SOME Stardew Valley singles because the game is so good and I wanted to take a crack at their designs :0
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celestecraft: i get the strangest feeling of homesickness whenever the sky in the betweenlands cracks open to show a glimpse of the overworld
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bittzu: @voistly ur very epic and also happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thebigblackwolfe: blackqueerblog: Tynesha Evans was a single mother of four children, two of them minors. She was an author, mother, visionary and she worked for Ciox Health. Her life was stolen from her children around 11:40 am on March 16th by a heartless person. She was getting money out of the ATM to pay bills but now it has to go toward her funeral. Donate praying for this family! Oh my lord they were on the local news tonight holding a vigil for their mom. They’ve been going through it, their apartment nearly evicted them and turned their lights off TODAY (March 19th 2019) and when Tyler Perry stepped in to try to help them with rent for the next 6 months the apartment manager wouldn’t allow it until people started calling their corporate office to complain. Even the news anchors were pissed about it. Anything y'all could give would definitely be appreciated.
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yamino: mamaduafe: lagonegirl: Green, who lost her parents young, was raised by her aunt and uncle. While still at school, her aunt died from cancer, and three months later her uncle was diagnosed with cancer, too. Green went on to earn her degree in physics at Alabama A&M University, being crowned Homecoming Queen while she was at it, before going on full scholarship to University of Alabama in Birmingham to earn her Masters and Ph.D. There Green would become the first to work out how to deliver nanoparticles into cancer cells exclusively, so that a laser could be used to remove them, and then successfully carry out her treatment on living animals. source her studies thus far are only on head and neck cancers, but her theory is this treatment platform would work on all types of cancers. But needs $$$$ to keep doing research. It seems the issue is how to target the cancer cells and in her head and neck cancer tests, she had success in mice by utilizing fda approved immunotherepy antibodies to deliver nano particles to mark the tumor. Then she could proceed to blast the shit out of cancer with fuckin lasers. she was ready or prepared when opportunity arose I’m so proud of her. I wish more young black women would go into science. #BLACKGIRLMAGIC Yes!!!!! If she really does cure cancer, watch her name & face disappear behind some white man. Don’t let it happen! She deserves all the credit.
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rocketmermaid: thelilnan: thelilnan: I was watching Pokémon: Indigo League on Netflix and the Pokédex called Kakuna a “transitional Pokémon” and then suddenly this happened so this post is officially 4 years old today. it’s far and away my most popular drawing, so much so that even now, it gets tons of notes and reblogs every day. i appreciate that! it’s exciting and I’m glad so many people like my idea and designs. as a trans person myself, seeing other people commenting on which Evolution they’re at and how much they identify with my designs makes me feel amazing! i feel like i’m giving back to my community and really helping people. the problem however is that because of its popularity, this is also my most stolen and reposted work. i’ve seen my signature erased or cropped out more times than I can count, everywhere from Facebook to Twitter to Reddit to Instagram. recently people have started editing the picture for phone backgrounds and lockscreens, which I don’t support at all. i would’ve been happy to design custom lockscreens for these people, as I am a commission artist, but it’s easier for people to just photoshop my art. I can’t stop that. it does hurt though. so i just want to ask, if you like this work, if you’ve seen it floating around out there without credit to me, if it means something to you… consider buying me a Ko-Fi? i’d really appreciate it. xx Reblogging to boost and support the original artist.