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socalledunitedstates: Don’t do this General strikes are a big deal. They need organization, mass support, an agreed-upon list of demands, related demonstrations, etc. It’s not as easy as 10k people across the country at multiple different jobs not showing up - despite what you think, that will be seen as 10k independent occurrences and will result in several thousand firings for no call/no shows with no other notice paid. Even if this wildcat general strike gets enough traction to be seen as an actual threat (which is unlikely as just a viral tumblr post), the government will simply respond with arrests and brutality as they have in the past, and no part of this post prepares people for that Instead, participate in the Earth Strike on January 15th to demand corporate and government action against climate change And don’t just decide to do it on your own - talk to your coworkers, get in touch with local unions and your IWW branch, talk to local chapters of climate activism groups like Rising Tide, 350.org, and Transition Towns to organize concurrent demonstrations and actions, and spread the word as much as you can so we can get some steam behind this in the 2 months we have to prepare “Fuck Work Day” would probably just make things worse while scaring people off from participating in the real coordinated action less than a month later Please signal boost this post!
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hellatrans: Help me get my estriadol, keep me fed and pay this month’s bills by buying something from my etsy. These patches, stickers, keychains and much more can be found here - https://www.etsy.com/shop/thepaintslap
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occultopossum: Oops I wanted to make a nicer ref of Aster + His usual attire. Giant intimidating murder plant when he’s out on missions, wears the skull for the extra intimidating factor. But yeah big mean Sundew floran
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destinytomoon: Finally did my redesigns of these girls in official art! okay so small explanation Daisy: wanted to make more visible her tomboy personality and a more warm palette also changing her skin color to her originally tan skin! Rosalina: wanted in do her original hairstyle in concept art but mixed it with her new one, also do her a more galaxy theme and a blue palette! Peach: wanted in do her like her name! so her clothes and earings are based in the fruit peach, among changing her hair for big pigtails! Hope yall like it ;_;
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sunrunnercrew: big kid boots (which just so happen to be socks because SHOES are UNCOMFORTABLE >8(!!!! )
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manchurian-candycane: mynoregon: How can I reblog this a million times? The 1% are master manipulators. The existence of another poor person is not why you’re poor.