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kficc: wanted to make a butch slime girl but got sidetracked really quickly and ended up with… melty gummy shark
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kurtwagnermorelikekurtwagnerd: audreyfle: black-flag-black-denim: jennikeatts: candystrippers: imnimnm: destinyrush: Video shows Maryland cops REPEATEDLY pepper spray 15-year-old honor roll student. 5 ft 105 lbs girl, whose name has not been officially released yet, was brutalized by Hagerstown police after she on her bike was hit by a car, but refused medical assistance. Her family’s attorney says that when police arrived, they grabbed the little girl, lifted her hands above her head and slammed her face into a wall. “They slammed her against a wall, arrested her for refusing treatment, maced her 4 times in the police car while handcuffed, and took her to the police station instead of the hospital.” She was put in the car, which is when a bystander began filming the incident. The video shows the 15-year-old with her hands handcuffed behind her back kicking at the police car door and later a cop is heard saying: “Put your feet in, or you’re going to get sprayed!” Officer proceeds to pepper spray her a few times. The girl can be heard screaming: “I can’t breathe!” The girl was only taken to hospital when she was released to her parents. Three hours after being pepper sprayed she was finally able to wash her eyes. She is now charged with disorderly conduct, two counts of second-degree assault, possession of marijuana and failure to obey a traffic device. #BlackLivesMatter #StopPoliceViolence #StayWoke this is where I live and there’s nothing on the news about it This is torture. They tortured her for fucking fun. just keep in mind they took Dylan Roof into custody wearing a bullet proof vest to protect him from anyone that may try to kill him THEN they bought him Burger King to eat after the arrest. But this is how they treat an innocent child. This is why we don’t care, or even celebrate, when cops get killed. I have no sympathy for these people. I don’t care that she is an honor student. I care that she’s a child who deserves safety and justice. this post doesn’t mention that the reason the cops were on the scene is because she had been HIT BY A CAR.
#police #police brutality #racism #antiblack racism
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hamscorn: 지금 바로 접속해서 저와함께 노닥거려봅시다
#cute #sb
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hotelmenetekel: hotelmenetekel: [🔁 = 💖] i’m doing another commission sale! haven’t gotten to update my price list yet so in the meantime i have a special offer available again 💘 there’s 5 SLOTS for now, depending on how fast i can work through them more might open through! (slot list uder the cut) IM or email me if you have any questions! 🌟 Keep reading i decided to open up 2 MORE SLOTS! IM or email me to claim! :^)
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cybercrimer: pixel landscape studies
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sunrunnercrew: hi starbound tag i come bearing gifts
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cristaldotgema: Work In Progress. Just a snippet of what I was making this afternoon. ko-fi / My website + Commission me / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram email: magz@cristaldotgema.com
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voistly: bro its ok to hold me in your arms… bro…