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witch and wizard concept doodles or whatever. and then a proper rough draft of one w clothes on…. <!-- more --> all glitch are designed to wear clothes of some kind, with it being a status symbol, with royalty and magic users beinf the most well dressed. magic users clothes is often adorned with excessive jewelry sporting jewels, hoods and hats, robes, and patterns and symbols symbols often used in magic users clothing include variations of/deompictions of moons, suns, fire, stars, and spirals. some include simpler symbols such as circles half circles x’s and triangles. witches and wizards are separate from mages in class, though all fall within the court-magic category. witchesnand wizards are almost never used as active offensive units by their royalty. while witches and wizards can be very offensively built, they are usually used reactively as a first or last line of defense, whereas mages are considered active attack units; theyre are multiple sub-builds of mage disregarding element, but no sub-builds of witch and wizard. all court witch and wizard models have been discontinued. edit: forgot to mention both are gender neutral and wizards use staffs vs witches use wands. that’s the biggest difference, but additionally witches work with chemicals and small spells more vs wizards do Big Bangs
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