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poppy is cashews twin. shes the slightly older one but theyre about the same age. they have a slightly younger other twin triplet that dosent live on the ranch. poppys also the nicer twin by a long shot. shes much more outgoing and friendly but easily annoyed and much less laid back. unlike cashew who tends to build up anger over several occurances, poppy is more prone to explosive outbursts that tend to last less than 5 minutes…. she also has just as foul of a mouth as cashew. she likes pineapple pizza and mechanics. pecan is peanuts oldest kid; he has a ‘twin’ (not really twin, hes about a year older than them and they dont nearly look as similar as cashew and poppy) that used to live on the ranch but decided to go back to their village-home. the next closest in age siblings pecan has are cashew and poppy. they only half-related obviously…………. pecan has arguably the strongest sense of morality, and ig could be described as lawful neutral… he holds these morals higher than pretty much anything else. pecan comes off as stoic or cold except when around his youngest siblings; though hed never admit it he resents cashew, poppy, almond, coco, and pistachio, and regrets not leaving the ranch with his ‘twin’. he likes being mysterious and justice
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