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latkeslesbian: latkeslesbian: latkeslesbian: hey everyone! i’m sefa :) i’m still doing what i can to make ends meet and pay my bills, and i’m trying to save up to start grad school next fall as well. if you’d like some pride merch and would like to help me out, consider checking out my redbubble, where there are gradient and squares pride products now available! each pride flag (gay, lesbian, bi, and trans) has a large number of product options, ranging from various shirts and hoodies, to stationary, to home decor, to stickers and phone cases, and more! enjoy a sleek and minimalist design while repping your pride colors :) gay pride products lesbian pride products bi pride products trans pride products even if you can’t or don’t want to purchase any items, a reblog would be enormously appreciated! i’ve been told the links aren’t working! my redbubble username has been updated so that’s probably why. i can’t get to a computer for another day or so unfortunately, but my new username should be sefa167, and i will update the links as soon as i can! http://www.redbubble.com/people/sefa167 this url should work to lead to my page!
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