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zivazivc: freshest-tittymilk: freshest-tittymilk: jacqueleeblebs: glblctzn: This incredible invention is keeping girls in school For Trinitas Kunashe, like many girls in Malawi, getting her period was unexpected, unexplained and a burden for her everyday life. Often, girls who do not have access to pads prefer to stay home and out of school for the duration of their periods. But Trinitas is changing that with her amazing new invention: Made from bright and comfortable locally-sourced fabrics, Tina Pads are a hit amongst girls in her community. They are waterproof, practical and fun – and most importantly reusable. Determined to make sure no girl is forced to miss school because of her period, Trinitas is a passionate believer in the power of education to change lives. #SheWill Succeed You can read more about and donate to this amazing project here: http://www.flametreeinitiative.org/entrepreneurs/tinapads BOOST THIS!!! It’s a link to the project!! SUPPORT BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN IN BUSINESS I get so happy when i see people reblogging this version bc i had to dig through dozens of thousands of reblogs on mobile to make sure people find out about this incredible project… The world needs this! Reusable pads should be a thing in our societies too because the regular ones are a big enviromental problem.
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