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gumrose: ** DONATE TO MY SURGERY FUND HERE ** Hi y'all!! I’m Eli! Though on here I go by Gum or Gumrose. I’m a 20 year old trans girl in college who’s in the process of medically transitioning (a frustratingly expensive process) and I’m hoping to have bottom surgery and a small amount of FFS (facial feminization surgery) by the time I graduate. Both of these surgeries are medical necessities which will greatly reduce my dysphoria, and would allow me to be able to go through the world without being harassed, questioned, and having my identity invalidated. Bottom surgery specifically would allow me to change my gender marker on my ID (so it says I’m a girl) which would make my life a hell of a lot easier. Additionally I wouldnt be nearly as afraid of going into public bathrooms or other women-only spaces, and would reduce a large portion of my dysphoria that often times is so severe I can’t leave the house. FFS helps in similar ways - at the moment I can’t leave the house without makeup without the world seeing me as a boy, it’s a frustrating and painful experience, as well as one which defines where I can and can’t go. (no beaches, I have to pay close attention in case any place that I’m looking to go to might not be trans-friendly, public transit, etc.) On a more personal note it’s hard to look in the mirror and see someone looking back at you who you can’t recognize. I need your help I’m a college student without the means to pay for these surgeries on my own, and unfortunately my family are also unable to help financially, (though they are loving and supportive) so anything you could give would be a literal and figurative lifesaver. If you’re unable to donate (believe me I understand) please share and spread this as widely as you can, that also is a huge help. Thank you for taking the time to read this. regardless of whether or not you can help, it means the world to me that people are taking time to listen to my story. Thank you for the love and support from the bottom of my heart, this means so much to me and my love is with all of you -Eli ** DONATE TO MY SURGERY FUND HERE **
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