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hi! its me, milo @2o8, and this time i am here with a Commission post!!! alternatively if you just want to be a kind person and donate to me you can donate here (please dont use the donation post link to do a comission, though! i need to send you an invoice for comms!) bust: sketch $5, flat color $8, **no extra characters** waist up: sketch $9 + $2 extra character, flat color $12 + $3 extra character fullbody (these are what im best at haha): sketch $12 + $4 extra character, flat color $18 + $5 extra character my art tag (for even more examples if you want) (all comms will be digital though) i will draw: > ocs, real people (not too great at it), and/or fandom characters > shippy stuff > up to 3 characters interacting > furries and robots (but im not too great at these either) > most things, actually i WONT draw: > nsfw obviously (im 16) > gore > any kind of…subtle…fetish shit > incest, pedophilia, abuse…… > more than 3 characters in a single picture > backgrounds (im too lazy and just not good at them, sorry!) > i reserve the right to turn your commission down it if makes me uncomfortable for whatever reason if you havent paid yet….etc etc etc if youre interested send me an IM through tumblr with what you want, your paypal email, and refs. please try to be as specific with what you want as possible! ill make certain changes after everythings drawn if necessary, like adjusting colors or expressions, but i dont want to have to redraw everything after its already done! you also need to tell me if you want the commission to be posted or not! ill let you know when ive started your commission through IMs! all prices are USD and payments will be done through paypal- ill send you an invoice! im not sure how to do half payment first, and full payment after you actually get the picture so for now payments have to be up front. please be patient and keep in mind im a highschool student but if anything takes longer than 2 weeks (it shouldnt) ill send you a refund 👍 slots under cut <!-- more --> THIS POST IS OUT OF DATE. FIND THE NEW COMMISSION POST HERE!
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