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cartnsncreal: A young up-and-coming Korean-Nigerian model is making headlines in South Korea after breaking into the country’s fashion scene. Han Hyun Min is a 16-year-old male Korean-African model who is defying the norms of the Korean fashion scene by being the first black-skinned talent to ever walk the local catwalks. source To break into the scene in Korea - That’s quite the accomplishment. I always find conversations about racism, specifically anti-blackness in largely mono-racial countries a bit tricky. I think sometimes there’s a tendency to try to force it through an American lens, or even try to pretend it’s “worse” than it is in America. Like I know it exists, but as an American I can’t quite quantify it. He’s a handsome young man. I wish him well and hope he has a successful career. #BlackPride #BlackModels #BlackExcellence
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