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your-saints-are-sinners: One Outs Seriously this anime is amazing in a different level, and a different way. To those who love baseball or is taking interest on it now, I highly recommend this anime. It’s really great!~ Even for me who isn’t in anyway interested in the sport made me eager for each episode. Techniques, Tactics, Strategies, Skills, and the most important of all, mind games is portrayed in an exciting way here. It may be too much of a fiction like Prince of Tennis, or maybe not too. But anyway, It will keep you wanting for more. Tokuchi Toua isn’t your usual bishounen or rather, he’s not that much good looking, but he has this delinquent charm or aura that makes him really attractive. Add in his super sized ego, arrogance and his sharp tongue~ He’s really good in mind games and controlling his opponents. Maybe because of his gambling background. but whatever. I already added him to my list of “MEN THAT I WANT”. LOOL
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Three of my all time fav anime characters (and all so similar too)