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learnjp: Weather & Seasons | In Japan Hey guys, today we’re gonna talk about the seasons and weather in Japanese! It’s common to talk about the weather in any language when making small talk, so let’s check out what you might say in Japanese! Winter・冬・ふゆ In Japan Winter is from December to February! In Northern and Central Japan you’re likely to experience snowfall during Winter. Spring・春・はる In Japan Spring is from March to May! The Cherry Blossoms bloom during Spring. Summer・夏・なつ In Japan Summer is from June to August! There’s a month long rainy period during Summer in Japan. Besides the rainy season it’s generally very hot and humid. Autumn・秋・あき In Japan Autumn is from September to November! Autumn in Japan is very cool and breezy. Vocabulary Seasons・季節・きせつ Autumn・秋・あき Dry Season・乾季・かんき Four Seasons・四季・しき Rainy Season・雨期・うき Spring・春・はる Summer・夏・なつ Winter・冬・ふゆ Weather・天気・てんき Cloud・雲・くも Cloudy・曇り・くもり Cool・涼しい・すずしい Cold・寒い・さむい Flood・洪水・こうずい Fog・霧・きり Evening Fog・夕霧・ゆうぎり Morning Fog・朝霧・あさぎり Hail・雹・ひょう Heavy Rain・大雨・おおあめ Heavy Snow・大雪・おおゆき Hot・暑い・あつい Humidity・湿度・しつど Hurricane・ハリケーン Rain・雨・あめ Snow・雪・ゆき Sun・太陽・たいよう Sunny・晴れ・はれ Temperature・温度・おんど Thunder・雷・かみなり Tsunami・津波・つなみ Typhoon・台風・たいふう Warm・暖かい・あたたかい Weather Forecast・天気予報・てんきよほう Wind・風・かぜ You can add the word 「とても」, which means ‘very’, before the phrases to emphasise the weather. For example, to say that it’s very cold 「とても寒い」or very hot「とても暑い」. Expressions: e.g. 風が強いです。 It’s windy. 今日はいい天気です。 The weather today is nice. ひどい天気ですね。 Terrible weather, isn’t it?I 外は雨が降っています。 It’s raining outside. ここ最近はとても暑いですね。 It’s been very hot lately, hasn’t it?
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