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Hoop, there it is! (Ugh, that was so cheesy. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.) 🌊 Demi-pave ripple hoops in recycled 14k gold with ethical diamonds. Don’t forget that 10% of sales is going to Global Fund forWomen! 🙌🏼💃🏼💪🏼 // #AMANDAPEARL #sustainablejewelry #madeinnyc #recycledgold (at Amanda Pearl)
#amandapearl #sustainablejewelry #madeinnyc #recycledgold
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#AMANDAPEARL Studio Events Presents: A special evening with @NomadicThreadSociety: April 25th, 2019: 5-8pm / “Nomadic Thread Society is a dedicated purveyor of exotic-minimal accents for lifestyle and home. Motivated by chronic wanderlust, we source and design traditional textiles and accessories with artisans and small producers around the world. Our collections originate in India, Turkey, Kenya, Tunisia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Colombia and onwards. The stories woven into each piece stretch back centuries, while our eye for design and attention to sustainability ensure their use for years to come.” / Shop a selection of items from NTS, as well as the full collection from AMANDA PEARL. / 209 West 38th Street, Studio #803 #NYC // #NYCfashion #NYCshopping #sustainablefashion #ecofashion #repurposed #upcycling #greenfashion (at New York, New York)
#amandapearl #803 #nyc #nycfashion #nycshopping #sustainablefashion #ecofashion #repurposed #upcycling #greenfashion
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#EarthDay. 🌿Let’s take this day to resolve to do better. To make some shifts in our behavior - if only a little. Make it manageable, so that you’ll keep it up. Put that purchase in your bag - don’t accept a plastic one. Keep reusable silverware at work - don’t accept single use plastic ones. Even better? Bring your lunch in reusable glass containers, so that you can avoid all of those plastic ones. Recycle recycle recycle. Without fail. Baby steps aren’t hard, and they’re the first step to greater change. Let’s do it! #LoveYourMother #RespectYourMother (at New York, New York)
#earthday #loveyourmother #respectyourmother
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“AP’s small ripple stud inspires me to make waves everyday. It’s my staple, a subtle but beautiful, totally unique reminder of power and grace.” — Ani K. // We love when our jewelry connects… ♡ DM me with your review! xo // #jewelry #AMANDAPEARL #MakeWaves #bossladies #empoweredwomen #strength #power (at Washington, District of Columbia)
#jewelry #amandapearl #makewaves #bossladies #empoweredwomen #strength #power
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Happy birthday to me. 🎉 It’s a big one this time. I almost can’t even say the number, although I know I should be proud and embrace it. A lot has happened. Many lives have been led. I feel aged - in ways good and bad. I’m proud of making it through what I have. The lessons I’ve learned. The things I’ve accomplished. The ease I have found - with who I am, how I am, my place in this world… 
 This isn’t really what I expected for forty (am I forty?! 🙈), but I’ve learned to let go a bit and go with the flow. Not torture myself over what I’ve NOT done, and what I’m not. I’m here. Still standing. I still have goals to meet, of course, but I guess that’s what keeps a person going. (I should be excited about what i have yet to accomplish! ha!) I have sagging skin and wrinkles, but I’m healthy, and have two happy and healthy boys. I’ve experienced profound, painful and life changing loss, but I still have loving, supportive, and healthy family, and am personally more full of dimension and understanding than I was before. 
 I’ve wisened. I’m still here and still building. I’m doing something that I love and am passionate about. I’m surrounded by love. I’m finding the magic. Life is full. Life is good. ✨ (at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
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What does your pairing stand for? ✨💪🏼🌱 / #Emerald symbolizes hope, the future, renewal and growth. It is a revealer of truth, inspiring an ongoing search for meaning, justice, compassion, and harmony. // #AMANDAPEARL #AisforAwesome #lettercharm #charms #jewelry #goldjewelry (at Amanda Pearl)
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