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hanfugallery: Chinese fashion by 姑蘇客
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negamewtwo: echolalaphile: dancingonthegrave: THIS IS THE MOST RELEVANT THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON THE INTERNET. EVER. Casually fixing this every time it crosses my dash. I like the fixed version better.
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Successfully draped and cut my bustle and apron! Except I accidentally made an ~interesting~ set of seams in my effort to do it all in one piece and have cf & cb on folds….and I kind of backed myself into a corner concerning the placket.,,.,,😢😵 time to close it up and fudge a new opening maybe?????? 😂 #bustle #silversatin #victoriancostuming #historicalfashion #sewing #wip
#bustle #silversatin #victoriancostuming #historicalfashion #sewing #wip
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inkyami: I was hoping to clean those up and rearrange according to the regions one day, but who am I kidding. Feel free to ask for which is which // more info. From annual trips to local museums, The State Museum of Oriental Art and The State Historical Museum of Russia this time, featuring: Middle Oka III-VII Central Asia IV-VIII Crimean Goths VI-VII Volga Finns X-XI Kiev XII-XII Uzbekistan XX Dargwa 1870
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Update on the dinner dress. Underskirt has been constructed, and I’m currently waffling over whether to alter the shape. I had to alter the pattern to accommodate a larger shape than it expected…. And before anyone asks, the black cotton towards the waist is to reduce bulk (and it’s also a period measure to save fabric). It’ll be covered by the overskirt ☺️ #1870s #victorianfashion #historicalcostume #sewing #satin #navyblue
#1870s #victorianfashion #historicalcostume #sewing #satin #navyblue
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hanfugallery: Recreation of authentic Chinese hanfu by 装束与乐舞
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dressesofchina: cfensi: Ni Ni as Feng Zhiwei’s male alter-ego Wei Zhi The Rise of Phoenixes Tang-dynasty inspired costumes designed by Zhang Shuping. The upright collar is the only one that’s pretty rare in the Tang dynasty.
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chandelyer: Rayane Bacha ‘Wishful Wanderer’ spring 2019 couture collection
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lee-luca: Mo Dao Zu Shi: Arm Wrestling It’s like a convoluted game of rock-paper-scissors-rock-paper-scissors-rock…
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yesterdaysprint: The Boston Globe, Massachusetts, June 22, 1951
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More jellyfish progress 🐙 I finished the sleeves (which I am fairly confident I got correct (for reference, I’m basing a lot of this off of the Edwardian wedding dress I posted the other day!) and I found a really cool belt at the thrift store that will go perfectly 👌 bonus pics of jellyfish bits and then the original toile that I ended up unpinning and trying again lol 😥 Next: collar, belt, shoulder details, more details…. (also can anyone tell where the openings are?? 🤗) #sewing #charmeuse #seafoam #oceaninspired #edwardianfashion #wip
#sewing #charmeuse #seafoam #oceaninspired #edwardianfashion #wip