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Posted: 2.4 hours ago
jessiewongg: nepeta is just to cute to be pawwssible I’ll get off this homestuck high and start on my comic again eventually haha (and then lose a million followers)
#nepeta leijon
Posted: 6.3 hours ago
quirefeast: here’s a transparent harley because she should be hyped way more
#jade harley
Posted: 6.5 hours ago
rainbowhitter: New page doll commission choice~! You can commission any humanoid character with / without extra little background. 10€ / 12,50$ + 8€ / 10$ extra character (without background) + 5€ / 6,50$ for a small extra background + 5€ / 6,50$ for a complicated design
#commission #promo
Posted: 10.9 hours ago
xamag-homestuck: Guess who? *I’m so sorry for the song lyrics. But I couldn’t resist* styleprofilezone reblogged this from xamag-homestuck and added: Homestuck Fandom Gon’ miss you. I’ll still follow you simply because your art is adorbs Times-a-Million, but I’ll miss things like Tavros and the seven trolls. Aw, don’t worry, I didn’t say I will draw nothing at all ,:D
#comic #beta trolls