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Started drawing this to just make something I’d enjoy. It was supposed to be Cirava, but I really channeled that cat ear anime boy vibes so I’m not sure if it’s Humanswap!Cirava or someone else.
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Posted: 76.1 hours ago
themiserymarquis: Art dump of my troll OCs! I added a background to Cosili since the last time, and have drawn my two cerulean fantrolls in the last week! Also, a question, would anybody be interested in commissioning me to draw something like this for them? Either halfbody colored pieces or icons? I’m still working prices out, but I’d love to hear your input!
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Posted: 196.1 hours ago
A design I made a while back when some friends were discussing a robot AU for a franchise I was unfamiliar with, so my brain kept filtering everything they were saying through Mega Man lenses lmao Thinkin about making a whole separate EXESwap AU tho… I may have started a document where I’m sorting the characters into categories like NetNavi/NetOP/Other Idk if anything will ever come of it, but it’s nice fiddling with the Battle Network stuffs again.
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