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Posted: 25.6 hours ago
robots-are-cute: My comfort character, Protoman ❤💕
Posted: 26.6 hours ago
peaches-n-reptiles: friendsim’s canon will have to pry these dickheads from my dead gay hands
Posted: 26.7 hours ago
theartofanimation: Heather Penn - - - - - -
Posted: 30.6 hours ago
isiga-inkblood: ……eh 1) Floofy hair Tegiri is perfectly valid, if you enjoy drawing him like that, it’s all good, anybody who has a problem with it can go draw their own dang fanart 2) The way you drew his hair here is ALSO good and if you insult your art again I will personally come into your home and eat all of your socks, ok? ok.
#tfw you're tryinna be threatening but in a nice way lmao and it comes out a bit strange #still tho #my point stands #good arts #I will end u
Posted: 34.7 hours ago
coolcatgroup: The skill….. The determination…. @isiga-inkblood :3c
Posted: 34.8 hours ago
why-am-i-blue: Tyzias is just my favourite troll girl from Hiveswap 0^0 (And I can’t live without textures of course))
Posted: 34.9 hours ago
banavalope: hostilemuppet: we better use grype again, theres so many opportunities lET ME SKYPE MY BF
#friendsim spoilers #spoilers #ngl i would just use it to hook up rava and gor as moirails lmfao #GOD I just ASCENDED when rava showed up and like every time we hear about gor its just lajfklasjflkjsfklasjlkfsdjklfjklsjFLAKSJRKLASJFKLSAJF #/I WANT TO GRYPE ALL THE FRIENDOS/ #well yknow except the ones I don't actually like lmao #*/coughzebruhcOUghcough/* #(and a couple others but like needless to say I would spam Cirava Tagora and Vikare among others lmao) #(polypa too oml I wanna go on more adventures with her LMAO) #//rambling