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The Evil Within - Darren Galsworthy The latest bookclub book was The Evil Within by Darren Galsworthy which was picked for us by Dee. The book is written by the father of a teenage girl (Becky) who was brutally murdered by her own stepbrother. The book gives readers a unique insight in to Becky’s past right from her birth up until her murder. It also covers the trial and verdicts of the murderer and their accomplices. Being a big true crime fan, I did enjoy this book. It was a very quick read, and it did keep me engaged. Obviously it was very heartbreaking and difficult to read in places as well. And I do feel you could tell it wasn’t written by a professional author as there was obviously a lot more reflection on the anguish and frustration he was feeling. However, I suppose that did add some authenticity and made the heartstrings tug a little harder. I would give this book a 7/10. I did enjoy the read, but I think it would not be so highly rated for someone who doesn’t enjoy true crime.
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Leaving you with some click bait to let you know I will post again! Going through a busy/stressy/don’t feel like writing time, but definitely posts to come soon…..ish x
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Chapter One - Daniel Flynn Chapter One is the first (of hopefully many) chapters about the organisation Thankyou based in Australia who manufacture everyday products (soaps, nappies, bottled water etc.) with 100% of the profits going to projects worldwide to end poverty. The book covers their journey so far from their humble and slow beginnings, to the successful, award winning company they are now. I enjoyed this book probably more than I thought I would. It was an easy read, even though I consider myself not very business minded which was nice, and it did a fairly good job of not getting too lost in the detail and becoming boring. It had sort of an advice summary at the end of each chapter which was quite good as it made the information easier to retain, and I liked the honesty with which it was written, it made it more enjoyable hearing about the real journey rather than just the smooth sailing version. I would give this book an 8/10, and I guess that’s only really losing points in that a non fiction book often just doesn’t have the same entertainment factor as a fiction. I have however since purchased a copy of the book for a friends birthday gift so it’s definitely one I would recommend!
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The Husband’s Secret - Liane Moriarty The Husband’s Secret was picked for book club by Ash. The book begin’s following what seems to be three separate stories, however, it goes on to reveal that the three story lines are in fact linked and intertwined. Cecilia’s story starts when she finds a mysterious letter from her husband to be opened only in the event of his death. With one secret revealed, everything changes for this family, and yet, with a secret that has been buried for so long, it seems at the same time, everything must remain the same in order to protect everything she has worked towards. Tess’s story is one of both betrayal and freedom. And living with the burden of trying not to follow in her parent’s footsteps after making the same mistakes. Lastly, Rachel’s story tells of the grief she has suffered for many years, and disturbing reality that comes when she realizes she will never be allowed justice for her suffering. This was a good book, but I must say, I did find the pace a little slow in some places - though this might just be because the books I read before this moved very fast. I found the customers a bit upsetting (in true Bailey fashion), but what really stuck with me about this book was the epilogue at the end. Good god. Things are not always as they seem, and I guess that was one of the points that was trying to be made. We live our lives in a very individual way, and we never really know anything but our own version of the truth. I would give this book an 8/10. Definitely worth the read, but not quite as gripping and thrilling as other’s I’ve read.
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So way back on May 26th Casey and I celebrated our one year anniversary! However, we were just a little too busy at my amazing birthday murder mystery dinner party to do anything. So, a few weeks ago we went away for the weekend to have a delayed celebration. We stayed at the Grand Mercure Puka Park in Paihia, which was really nice, each of the little chalets are set up on the hill in trees so you feel like you are in some sort of private forrest getaway. They also left a card and some chocolate in our room for our anniversary which was a nice touch. We had a lovely dinner and some cocktails at the restaurant there and it was a really lovely evening! The next day after we had breakfast and checked out we headed to Whitianga and after lunch went to the Lost Spring hot pools. They are really cool pools that are sort of set up like a lagoon-ish jungle-y feel. Plus you can get cocktails delivered to the pool! So although the weather started to turn a bit, we had a nice time there before making the drive home.
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The Secrets She Keeps - Michael Robotham Lucy chose this captivating novel for book club, which closely follows the lives of Agatha and Meg both separately and when they intersect. With a nice balance between flashbacks of their pasts and the present we learn how they found themselves in a very dark, messy, and emotional situation. This book delves in to the dark side of relationships, parenthood, and friendship among other things. I loved this book. I think one of the best things was the pace. This book was never boring, there was always something new happening and it was usuallly something very dramatic! There is so much going on in this novel, like crazy amounts of twists and turns. I guess some would say, too much going on, making it seem realistic, but that didn’t bother me. I wouldn’t say I liked the characters, but that’s because they weren’t written to be likeable, but they were certainly written to be interesting, and they were written well! I give this book 10/10, I was never bored and didn’t want to put it down. Highly recommend.
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The Girl Before - J. P. Delaney Ash recommended this book for me and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of deja vu as I found it very similar to this months book club read. Similarly this novel also closely follows the lives of two female characters, Emma and Jane and delves in to the way their lives are far more connected then they think. The two women have both lived at the same property (built by a very particular and peculiar architect) at different times. Because of this their paths are suddenly crossing with a lot of the same characters and it almost feels as though history is repeating itself in a way. As with most stories, each person involved has a few secrets that need uncovering before the full and true picture can be revealed. The Girl Before definitely kept me intrigued, and there were a lot of things that I didn’t see coming - which is always good. The story was very captivating and drew you in, and kept you guessing. But the characters I must say infuriated me (though I’m finding that is more and more often the case with me!). I liked the sharp short chapters, kept things moving along nicely and meant you didn’t get bored reading, but I also found the further I read it was kind of like a car crash, it’s horrible but you can’t look away. Definitely a good reminder that a lot of people in life will disappoint you! That said, I would give this book an 8/10. It’s definitely a great read, but the characters made me too mad for me to say I truly 100% enjoyed it. I would have liked to have seen some of the stories’ duplicates or similarities played out or written in a different way than just repeating for one character what was said for the other, but I don’t honestly know what that would look like for me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a light, fast paced thriller.
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Kate has been teaching me to sew for the last six months or so, and it’s so cool! I am very slow, and I don’t think it comes naturally to me at all, but I have made a few things now, and it’s so exciting to think about what else I could make! We started with reusable shopping bags, I wanted to make five, and so far have made three, and hoping to get on to the other two soon. I love my reusable bags, they are so pretty and strong, and I can make them all by myself now too which helps. Though in saying that I did screw up one the other day and have to unpick a significant amount of sewing which was frustrating, but at least it was fixable! And then we worked on a cardigan, which I have just finished! It is so cool making your own clothes, and I am really excited to keep at this hobby. Kate gifted me her sewing machine for my birthday as well as she inherited her Mum’s one, so I am like a real seamstress now! The next project is leggings :)
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margorobbie: #the kitten in the forth gif is a mood Missing this golden show now I’m caught up.
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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak The Book Thief is based during World War Two, a favourite subject matter of mine. It’s written from the perspective of Death, but mostly follows the life of a young German girl Liesel. Liesel moves in with a foster family on Himmel Street - not a rich area, and during war times, its fair to say times were tough. She meets an assortment of colourful characters through out the town, and has some (sometimes questionable) adventures. The Book Thief gives a very good imaginining of what would have been like to be a child in a small German town during the war, and everything that goes along with that. It took me a wee while to warm up to this book, but I definitely got there in the end. I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of being written from Death’s perspective, but again, by the end I was so emotionally invested that I got on board with that too! This book got to me, the characters are good, and you get involved. I think it’s just a slow process learning to love those characters which is why I had my initial hesitations. I liked that there were a number of unique things throughout the more common theme (WWII), and I liked the quirkiness the story had about it. I liked that the ending was both predictable and unpredictable at the same time. I would give this book a 9/10. While there were parts of the writing I didn’t love, it definitely hooked me in in the end, made me cry, made me think, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t think it was a very good book.
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Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse-Five was suggested by Shannon for book club. It is both autobiographical and science fiction simultaneously. It represents Vonnegut’s 23 year struggle to put pen to paper regarding his experiences in the war. The story follows Billy Pilgrim as he relives (more or less) Vonnegut’s war experiences, has a life before, and a life after. And at the same time has an extra terrestrial experience and a unique perspective on time wherein it is not linear, but instead a collection of moments happening all at the same time, at any one time, and the present is just whichever moment you’re in at that particular time. I did not know how to feel about this book. I thought I was going to really enjoy it. And I can’t say I didn’t like the reading of it. It’s more, I was just waiting for the point to hit me, and it never did. Due to the non linear time theme of the book, it doesn’t read exactly like a normal story, so because I couldn’t treat it like a normal storybook experience, I really did feel I needed a point. Having read a bit further online, I have come to understand that it was meant to be a very anti-war novel, and I must say, that didn’t translate for me. It’s not that I felt it was for or against war, but I didn’t really feel it was for or against anything. I felt the general feeling of the book simply coasted through, much like Billy Pilgrim himself coasted through life, with no strong inclination to have it follow any one direction. For me, this book was a 6/10. I didn’t hate reading it, it was entertaining enough, but it certainly isn’t a book that I’ve thought a lot about afterwards or has really stuck with me at all. I didn’t find the characters overly likable or memorable, the story itself had potential, but I think without any obvious moral behind it, it lacked a bit of substance.
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I’ve decided Autumn is my favourite season. Everything is so crisp and fresh and beautiful. The leaves are amazing. Happy times 🍁🍁🍁
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Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult This novel portrays the impact of a traumatic event in a small town and the reflection each involved party faced knowing that they had played a part. Closely following the movements of a few key players, there are some surprising revelations that make you question what you thought you knew to be true. Nineteen Minutes is an intimate read as it delves in to the dark feelings and secrets we all have inside us that only become revealed during the darkest of times. I must say, I really enjoyed this book, and found it hard to put down. I felt like the characters were very well written, and interesting to read about. I did feel that there was a bit of variance as to the depth we get to know each character, and I suppose this was deliberate. However, this is not something I noticed during reading, and rather something I’ve picked up on upon reflection, so it’s hard for me to say I didn’t like that, but for some reason it’s still not sitting well with me! Because I can be a bit morbid, I really do like reading books with this sort of subject matter, and would definitely be interested in reading more similar ones. I did feel at the end of the story there was a certain lightness that didn’t feel fitting, however again, upon reflection I think that was deliberate and perhaps it was meant to feel a little bit off. This book was a 9/10 for me, very readable and compelling. Good strong characters, and a good reflection of the complexities of us as human beings, I thought.
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