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sparklermun: Hey there and hello everyone! Welcome to night nineteen of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s pin is another oldie. The DSSH, DSF, GSF, Gold Coin, Fix-it Felix, Wreck-it Ralph pin. LE 300. Oh how I love how this pin shines like it’s made of real gold if you polish it and take a picture under just the right lighting, which is exactly what I did. So many Disney characters were apart of this series of pins, but I have to say that none of them fit it quite as well as Felix does. He earns metals in his game on a daily basis, it’s easy to associate him with them. Though it feels as though his likeness is a natural fit for the center of a metal or coin to be given to someone. Perhaps for a heroic act of their own, or perhaps for a simple act of kindness seeing as the fixer would see something like that as heroic as well. A Felix medal as a reward for a good deed sounds like a great concept. Now I wanna see Felix giving Ralph one of his own medals after the events of the first movie!
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sparklermun: Hello and good evening to you all! Welcome to night eighteen of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s pin is the DSSH, Pin Trader Delight, Gene, Wreck-it Ralph pin. LE 300. This pin happens to be the only pin of Nicelander Gene released by Disney, and will likely remain as the only one. Though to be honest Gene received a very nice design for his pin. one that fits the small sized, egotistical mayor of Niceland quite well. I think its a nice touch that the way he holds his ice cream cone looks like he’s holding a martini glass. I just love little details like that. Whoa, wasn’t expecting this guy! That is a cool detail, I guess he doesn’t know how to hold anything that isn’t his beloved martini glass, heheh
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sparklermun: Hello people! Welcome to night seventeen of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s pin is the WDI, Pressed Pennies, Wreck-it Ralph, Vanellope pin. LE 250. I wrote a paragraph about a pin similar to this last year, and I don’t think I could’ve written it better. So here it is again… Before pin trading became a thing, in 1987 a phenomenon began at Disneyland in the form of a pressed penny. For a time popularity of those pressed pennies boomed, and in celebration of the pressed penny and the tradition of Disney collectibles, a large set of pins designed after pressed pennies that were released in Disney parks was created exclusively for Walt Disney Imagineering. Production of this set began in 2010 and continued on until 2014, when it seemed to have ended without any update or announcement. Each and every pressed penny was made into a pin up until that date, including six Wreck-it Ralph pressed pennies. Whose original machines that made those pressed pennies have been retired in Disney Parks for an indefinite time. Personally I hope that the machines will be brought out of retirement for the WIR 2 movie. Though if not the memory of those coins existence remains here in the form of a pin, much like Vanellope here is. These pins will always be a little special to me as during my childhood my brothers and I would buy a pressed pennies booklet every year we visited Disneyland. Then go and see just how many of the coins we could collect by the end of our vacation. To this day I still have my oldest coin booklet, and looking back on those coins and these pins brings a touch of nostalgia every time. Reminding me of those carefree days, back when we were all each others best friends and rivals creating silly competitions like this for our own enjoyment… That’s the best part about this pin and the others of this series. The fact that it makes me feel something every time I look at it, which is why it’s one of my favorite series of WIR pins I have.
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sparklermun: Hello hello and good evening everyone! Welcome to night sixteen of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight we’ve got a special, lesser known pin. The limited release, Disney Store Japan (DSJ) 25th Anniversary Pin Collection, Wreck-it Ralph only, pin. This Ralph pin here is just one of twenty-eight pins released in a special collection to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Disney Store in Japan. The set was only available to purchase in the Japanese store for ten thousand yen, so this pin has seen more of the world then most of my other pins have. Because this pin was never meant to be removed from its set, the backside of it has no sort of special design like other pins do. Instead it’s just a smooth gold with the Disney logo set in the center. Though small (and I mean very small) this pin has quite a lot of detail, and its gold lining shines even in a dark setting. I love how the designer gave Ralph a little blush on his cheeks, something that I haven’t seen on another WIR pin before but looks rather cute on him. I love the rosy cheeks too. I can’t think of any other instance of Ralph having been drawn like that, and it’s really cute!
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sparklermun: Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to night fifteen of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s in is the limited release, Wreck-it Ralph, Mystery Collection, Minty Zaki pin. Minty Zaki… As of recent she’s become one of my favorite Sugar Rush Racers, just after Snowana. So it’s nice to see that she was included in the WIR mystery series along with Taffyta, Candlehead, and Rancis. This pin featuring our minty racers is one that frames her quite well, giving her plenty of room to show off her face while in a frame that matches her color scheme. However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mystery pins don’t usually receive a lot of the love open edition or limited edition pins do. Despite being kept safe in a fabric lined pin case, all it took was a single drop for the paint to start chipping away. Unfortunately Minty Zaki here appears like she’s missing a tooth as a result. My apologies to my pin. All of that aside, I honestly believe that the design of the pin is a very good one. It shows us Minty’s bright, optimistic smile. Looking ready to pull herself up from the ground, and take on anything her opponents may throw at her. No matter how far or hard the fall, she appears ready to keep pushing forward against all odds towards the finish line.
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sparklermun: Hi and good night everyone! Welcome to night fourteen of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s pin is the WDI, Villains Profile, King Candy, Wreck-it Ralph pin. LE 250. This pine was apart of a series of pin including thirty-nine other villains from other Disney and Pixar movies. That’s a pretty large pin series! I love just how detailed this pin is as well, from the sprinkles in that frosting swirl, to the different shades of grey in his hair. The designer of this pin also did a pretty good job at subtly indicating that King Candy is the villain of Wreck-it Ralph’s story. That happy smile fails to disguise that power hungry look in his eyes, and I love it! However, that’s not the best thing about this pin… There’s one thing that this pin was lucky enough to participate in during the D23 of 2017, which I’ll be showing later this month. So keep an eye out for it! The pink salmon castle walls in the background and the sparkly bow are nice touches!
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sparklermun: Hey there and hello everyone! Welcome to night thirteen of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s pin is the DSSH, DSF, GSF, Pin Trader Delight, Vanellope #2, Wreck-it Ralph pin. LE 500. Out of all the Wreck-it Ralph characters, Vanellope still stands as the one with the most Pin Traders Delight (PTD) pins, with this one being her second pin. This PTD pin happens to be my favorite of the three Vanellope has, with a design that doesn’t feel squished like the first one while still managing to capture so much detail. I particularly enjoy the Micky Mouse shaped sprinkles on Vanellope’s ice cream cone, something that wasn’t necessary but was added anyway to give it a unique flare from the rest of the WIR PTD pins released so far.
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littlesquarepossums: I’ve had folks ask me if I could give tips on drawing big boys. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to step up. Not for lack of wanting, I just have no idea what I’d say, and no idea how I do what I do! My advice is to pick an extreme example and draw that first. Give your brain an idea of what the final result is going to look like and how those lines feel in your hand. Hopefully the next time you sit down to draw you won’t feel sheepish about pushing your shapes. Ralph is a good place to start if you wanna draw big round bodies. Hunk from Voltron has more natural shapes, if you wanna go that road. You can do the same thing with facial expressions. Spend a day with Vash the Stampede. His face will teach you the meaning of absurdity.
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sparklermun: Hello hello there everyone! Welcome to night twelve of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s pin is another oldie. The WDI, Labor Day 2015, Ralph and Felix, Wreck-it Ralph pin. LE 250. This pin was released to commemorate Labor Day back in 2015, and what better duo to represent that holiday then Fix-it Felix and Wreck-it Ralph themselves. Two hard workers standing beside a well constructed sign, most likely built by the two of them with the bricks that Ralph had wrecked earlier. It’s nice to see them working together, and using their strengths to create something like this to celebrate laborers like themselves. Cute! Love all the details on this one: Felix’s ladder, the little pile of bricks Ralph is using, and the way he’s carefully holding the brick with both hands while smiling at his bro. They look like they’re having a good time working on a project together!
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allthefixins: Character render sheets from the Wreck-It Ralph mobile game! Something that caught my eye when I was ripping these was the presence of what I believe to be one of the very few official 3D renders of Turbo - and with pinkish skin as opposed to the usual grey! It’s a tad uncanny, isn’t it?
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sparklermun: Happy Veterans Day everyone! Welcome to night eleven of the fourth annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Tonight’s pin is the DLR, Pin of the Month, Once Upon a Time, Wreck-it Ralph pin. LE 2000. This pin was released in the Disneyland Resort, as well as in Disney California Adventure, a little earlier this year in February as apart of the Once Upon a Time series. A series a pins that depicts two images from the movie, staring the main character in both of them. I think it’s cute that this series received its own special backing that matches with the “Once Upon a Time” them, and captures a storybook essence in each pin released. That aside, I actually like the two images chosen to tell the story of the Wreck-it Ralph film here. We begin with Ralph and Felix where we can tell that there’s some sort of conflict going on between them from Ralph’s position, and that Felix it the center of attention in this scene. As shown by his pose that makes him appear as though he’s under the spotlight and happy with it. Move on to the next scene and we’ve got Ralph and Vanellope, with no sign of conflict between the two. Only joy and adoration shared between two friends. Though there isn’t any clear signs of how these images fit together, I believe it’s enough for fans of the movies to be satisfied with the images of how the story began and later ended.
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