Longtime WIR fandom lurker. Shy, even on the internet, but decided to finally make a blog. Sometimes I may disappear for long stretches of time, but don't worry, it's just in my nature.

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alex-the-nonsensologist: Thanks to eBay I now have a full corner of my bed dedicated to Ralph. Featuring: ThinkWay Jumbo Talking Ralph Disney Store Ralph November 2017 Tsum Tsum Subscription Box Ralph and Felix with Arcade Cabinet from Disney Store Sega Fun Fan Amuse Prize Collection Ralph and Vanellope from Japan Disney Store Japan 25th Anniversary mini Ralph and what I believe to be a factory prototype of a new upcoming Ralph, from a Chinese eBay seller Also shown here are a paper plate from Hallmark Party supplies and a sketch card by @silvaniart from New York Comic Con a few years back.
#wreck it ralph #wralph #vanellope von schweetz #merchandise #fanart #collection #whoa nice!
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ashleybenlove: oh-that-disney-princess-emily: PINT-SIZED PRETTY BOY DYNAMITE DAFFODIL He calls her Dynamite Daffodil. Probably because Dynamite Gal triggered her and he DOESN’T WANT TO TRIGGER HER. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Aww! Now I wanna know all their pet names for each other. I can’t wait to actually hear something sweet like this in WIR 2!
#wreck it ralph #hero's cuties #fix it felix jr #sergeant calhoun #disney heroes battle mode #hey I was just watching the gameplay video this was from! #this is the first (semi?) official hero's cuties we've gotten in almost 6 years #and it's adorable #I'm so happy #I wonder if he also calls her Tammy Jean in this game