bren/18. confused college student. i like a lot of things, but my main interests right now are critical role, the adventure zone/mcelroys, and voltron.

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amaanogawa: a series of Relatable™ Shiros
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iris-of-the-lambs: boy i sure do lov slapping hamilton lyrics on non hamilton things i rly liked Johann :,)
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galraspaladin: matt had that glow up
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Very long post, my apologies!! This is an illustrated sequence from Chapter 23 of The Ice Plague, where Mosk remembers his mother explaining the Olphix situation to him. Pia (the wonderful @not-poignant ) is my favorite writer and their work inspires me endlessly, so I wanted to do a thing to try to capture that! this style is experimental for me but i had a lot of fun with it. please pardon my handwriting
#fae tales #fae tales fanart #not-poignant #the ice plague #mosk manytrees #i made myself sad with the ending #but i had to do it #also can you tell i love olphix #because i do #i dont love his motley tho #only bc i had to draw so many diamonds #so many
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bluealaris: And when he rose up out of the darkness of the Black Lion’s mind space like a flower lotus his hair had turned all white and Keith was there to catch him. All in watercolors
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alyruko: I think I accidentally made a sequel to this
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suzannart: I’m not an expert but I like hands a lot so hopefully some of this was helpful!
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jayessart: Takashi Shirogane instagram | twitter | store
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tiramasui: “You know the rules: once you sacrifice something here, you don’t get it back!” Had to make a poster for one of my favourite adventure zone arcs!!
#WOW #amazing #taz
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starship-one: ily lup adventurezone…