i'm brenna! i like a lot of things, but my main interests right now are star wars, the adventure zone/mcelroys, and voltron.

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Posted: 63.8 hours ago
sarakipin: Voltron print! I had such a great time watching this show, I can’t wait for season 2!
Posted: 96.6 hours ago
sirensongfashion: Isabeli Fontana by David Sims for Vogue Paris April 2011
#al look
Posted: 98.0 hours ago
spacemancharisma: femme-fatigue: They call it inspiration. Keep reading hey so I’m weeping openly now
Posted: 167.8 hours ago
cloepatra: Anakin Skywalker & Padmé Amidala by manga artist Takeshi Obata
Posted: 170.8 hours ago
ginnydear: so majestic, so friendly
Posted: 178.5 hours ago
spoorks: ooh that man is like a flame and ooh that man plays me like a game my only sin is i can’t win ooh i wanna love that man that man, caro emerald
#tpp #jupeter
Posted: 225.4 hours ago
cygrus: hey guys here’s my theory and evidence about lotor being the master of all four elements
Posted: 274.9 hours ago
missvajsing: I know I never usually post my art on here but I remembered how desperate for fanart I usually get when I discover something with a smaller fandom, and tumblr is usually where I look for it so here you go!
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