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trans-boys-thinspo: pesto8000: Attention anyone whose trying to start working out either for the first time, or starting back up. I KNOW how hard it is to start working out again, I KNOW the struggle with being unmotivated, I KNOW the day to day problems that arise that make it hard to work out. I KNOW the fear of not sticking to it, I KNOW the fear of how much pain you’ll be in the first couple of weeks Believe me…I KNOW. This program is amazing! (I found it on the internet somewhere, just google “10 week program”) I started this program back in January with one of my Besties, and for the first two weeks it KICKED OUR ASSES. It doesn’t seem like much, and it may not be much to some people, but for someone who was unfit and hadn’t thought about a jumping jack since middle school? Baaaabbby it was hard! But we kept pushing. I’m sharing this because I believe its perfect for the “I need something to get me started” mindset. That was actually the hardest part of my journey, STARTING back up with a work out routine, or just having that motivation to do so. Consider this your baby steps, until your ready to do more, and build up your stamina. By week two I lost 10 lbs, By week three these exercises got easier, I was able to run/jog a little longer, and I added Turbo Fire to the mix. By week 8 I starting doing daily jogs JUST BECUSE and I added Insanity. This program really set my foundation and jump started me in the right direction for 2014. Yesterday I completed the last day of this 10 week program….It combined with my other work out plans (that I worked my way up to) and a low carb based diet, im down 34.4 lbs in 3 months. This is so cliché but…..If I can YOU can TRY IT! -Pesto out! P.S.- For the person who created this, THANKS! I really should, and I really want to but I have lung issues idk if I can handle this much without being permanently damaged bc of oxygen starvation