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imakegoodchoices: “I VIOLATE ARTICLE 27, SEC. 553-4 OF THE MARYLAND ANNOTATED CODE SAFELY, OFTEN, AND EXTREMELY WELL,” Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, Washington, D.C., October 11, 1987. Photo © Exakta. Sections 553 and 554 of Article 27 of the Maryland Code prohibited sodomy (punishable with a sentence of “not less than one year nor more than ten years”), oral sex, and “any other unnatural or perverted sexual practice with any other person.” via @lgbt_history
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ainokiseki: You know, I’ve thought a lot about what happened, and I’ll spare you the details about my anger, and the crying, and the weight loss, and the empty space on my wall where your picture used to be. Because I’ve decided that there’s no point in focusing on the negatives. I’d rather think about the good things that came from this. Like, you taught me a really valuable lesson.
#THE best and most relatable coming out storyline #especially the dad stuff :/ #because yeah me n my gay life are pretty great #and it sucks for him that he's gonna miss out on my future engagement/wedding/children #and my happiness #but it's not my problem nor my fault
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jonbutter: jonbutter: reblog this to have a Happy Wildcat New Year™ not enough people reblogged this last year we gotta really try this time to have a Happy Wildcat New Year™
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