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#animal crossing switch #animal crossing #isabelle #ac switch 2019 #artists on tumblr #digital sketch #illustration #girls in animation #digital art #i hated the way they bait and switched us a bunch just for a tease #worst way to deliver the absolute least information #nintendo #switch #regardless i wanted to celebrate anyway and didnt have a lot of time to deliver #and theres totally going to be a special ac edition switch and IVE BEEN HOLDING OFF SINCE THE SWITCH CAME OUT FOR THIS FUCK YES
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Taryn Knight, @taryndraws of instagram, had her potter week prompts going on a few weeks ago, & I already made a separate post abt why I didn’t participate in the actual thing. This was my day one; new student. It’s Myrtle. When she started hogwarts as a muggle born she was probably super psyched to be there, finally not be the weird kid that makes strange things happen, and fit in at last. Instead, her own house bullied her, and then she died. Woops. What’s up with ravenclaw being so mean to their own members?
#harry potter #potter week prompts #ravenclaw #hogwarts #moaning Myrtle #artists on tumblr #procreate #ipad drawing #women in animation #girls in animation
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#artists on tumblr #portrait #digital painting #procreate #illustration #female artists #women in animation #realism...ish bc it’s simpler than thinking while drawing #it doesn’t look anything like the reference I used #realism typically doesn’t interest me as a genre but i think the process is more relaxing than trying to have a style #emulation is simple-ish even tho yeah this doesn’t look like anything #being a brand/a style/a person with preferences and choices isn’t #it’s too wrong looking ugh like it’s so dark and her nose #especially on mobile the values in this look terrible oh well doing is learning right :T
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I finally got an iPad and um, Procreate? Is this what love is?
#artists on tumbr #illustration #Procreate #women in animation #Apple Pencil #honestly feeling excited about creating again and it’s healing my dead soul #a lot to learn #!!! #it’s kind of a late bday pressie to myself mixed with impulse purchase in an attempt at feeling at least one single positive emotion #so...success! #I know it’s not the tool it’s the artist but tbh if the tool makes the artist motivated & inspired thennn bring it #I’ve also been doing weird shit to my hair for the same reasons and um it’s a little bit of a mess
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in progress, i want to change some things with the line art? idk probably doesnt matter but it’s not right for me, i like the sketch of almost her entire upper body better than the line art. in fact, i didnt sit down to draw azula at all, i didnt sit down to draw something with line art even. i just got really pissed at what i was actually drawing, so instead of crying, i drew her? is this coping? (probably not). and now im rewarding myself for producing anything at all by posting her. seriously do i ever draw necks? can i even?
#wip #sketch #lineart