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maybeiwasserious: dar-draws: Written by Dipper Pines. Illustrations by Mabel Pines. You know, looking this post over a few years after i first saw it, I think that this is the best PInes Twins time skip. The backgrounds really do it for me.
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haverkampink: I can’t quite wrap my head around John Cena-sized Ango, but I very, very much enjoy the idea of him eventually getting taller than Taako, and Taako being very huffy about it
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trans-princess-zelda: ajanigoldmane: afloweroutofstone: peteseeger: Why doesn’t kojima make movies because that’s clearly what he wants to be doing What about him teaming up with two actors and a director for this makes you think that this isn’t a movie Movies are expected to have a 2ish hour limit is probably one of the main reasons tbh the idea that Hideo Kojima could tell a story in under 30 hours is laughable tbh
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theosos: Finally finished this comic! The moon bear’s name is Julio, nickname is Momo The coyote’s name is Fernando, Feri for short. Feri and Momo / Julio and Fernando :3 The guys at the table in panel 3: Silver, Ty, LancerBuck and Mark, thanks for taking the ych slots and supporting me :3 Also thanks to my friend Rob @sonsofnortherndarkness for his suggestions to make the layout and letters of the fist page more fun and readable. Big improvement! :3