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Posted: 8.7 hours ago
What the hell is this abomination? Why @WienerSchnitzel, why? #NotNewMexicoTrue
Posted: 31.0 hours ago
I’m pretty sure that this means that our unhealthy relationships extends well past food…
Posted: 52.6 hours ago
Well this should make rush hour fun. Avoid both directions of Montano at the railroad tracks. It’s down to one lane in each direction. #NMTraffic
Posted: 69.5 hours ago
Pretty sure that @JohnBCrist looks like he should have been cooking meth with @BryanCranston & not talking about his latest video ”VR Church” on his instastory. #CheckYourHeart
Posted: 79.1 hours ago
We made a wax #GreenChile without even trying. Some candles got thrown into our Christmas decorations which are kept in a shipping container that’s not heated or cooled. Oops. Lol.
Posted: 123.5 hours ago
Walking home from the brewery tonight. I guess there are worse views in the world… #NewMexicoTrue (at Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Posted: 149.1 hours ago
Holy crap York Photo, it’s 2018. How the hell can your password only accept letters and numbers?
Posted: 152.1 hours ago
Hey @ExNovoBrew / @ExNovoBrew_NM, what should I tell Facebook. Are you guys good for Breakfast? I like a good Breakfast Stout, so i’m inclined to say yes… ;-)
Posted: 222.5 hours ago
Another “tight clearance” on the forklift post: Door is 10’, pallet of sheetmetal is 10’! As you can tell, we’ve brought in our fair share of sheetmetal over the years through this door. Enough “side-shifting” on the forklift over the years has widened the door opening just enough to make it work. Oh, Incase you were wondering what a pallet of sheetmetal weighs, this was just a tad over 5,000 lbs which is pretty much the upper limit our forklift can lift.
Posted: 242.3 hours ago
Oh holy hell @KRQE, @CBS, & @ColbertLateShow, who the hell edited last nights show for commercials? This was a hot mess. Multiple segments interrupted right in the middle with commercials. The whole second segment got re-aired later. This was a total shit show.
Posted: 264.7 hours ago
Well darn. Bought this on Amazon, but clearly it was meant for dogs with small collars & not really “big dogs”. It looked fine, expect I couldn’t get everything shoved in the shadow box. The only way it works is to slip the collar over the box. Think I might go to Michaels & see if they could build me a deeper shadow box, but I feel like that’s gonna be costly. There aren’t many options on the market for this & I really don’t want to cut his collar to fit.
Posted: 288.1 hours ago
One of the bartenders at @BosqueBrewingCo slipped me this note. I might or might not be trying to not cry in a bar…this also might or might not be the first time I’ve cried in a bar… (at Bosque Brewing Co.)
Posted: 289.6 hours ago
Need a little humor tonight… ;-)
Posted: 295.3 hours ago
Um ya ABQ Public Schools, I generally consider myself to be smart (although I am a graduate of your fine district), but how much are you really asking to raise my taxes here? Cus the top part says $4.83 per $1,000 net taxable. But then you have two separate questions: One asking for $2.00 per $1,000 net taxable and the other $4.83 per $1,000 of net taxable. So what are you really asking for here? $4.83 or $6.83 per $1,000 net taxable? Is the $2 just a renewal of an existing tax levy or are they both new? Cus you guys have done a shit job of explaining this to the public, which is about on par with how you spend our money too. So while I know our district has a huge need and a huge backlog of capital projects, it’s hard to support something when you don’t even really tell us in the end what you really want.
Posted: 309.1 hours ago
And this is why we got the hell out of Dodge when we did! I-40 is already closed due to a crash!
Posted: 315.3 hours ago
Current status: Wrecked. Home from Gallup, sorting through my mail and there was a card from the emergency vet where I took Buddy after he’d passed. Opened it up and what I saw wrecked me. They took a paw-print and sent it to me. I wasn’t really in the right state of mind that night (you never really are), so I never thought to ask for something like this. It wasn’t until a coworker mentioned it that I even thought about it. It makes sense that a place like the emergency vet would think to do stuff like this since they deal with this type of thing all the time.
Posted: 318.7 hours ago
#CarMilestones: Almost 12-years-old & just crossed 100k! Here’s to another 12 years and another 100k!
Posted: 320.9 hours ago
Bye-bye #RedRocks, #NewMexico. It’s been fun, even if we didn’t get to fly you this year. Until next year… (at Church Rock, New Mexico)
#redrocks #newmexico
Posted: 324.4 hours ago
The breakfast flag is flying, which means we aren’t flying. Also looks like we are going to head back east today, as the weather tonight & into tomorrow sucks. And we really don’t want to get snowed-in in Gallup.
Posted: 334.9 hours ago
Got to spend some time tonight in an expensive self-massaging chair tonight. One word: Heavily. Always nice to spend time with good people and good wine. (at Red Rock State Park)