Posted: 8329.2 hours ago
Hoppy #IPADay To You! This is a solid #IPA from @StoneBrewingCo (which I wouldn’t expect anything else from them), but I don’t really get any tangerine flavor from it. This is a problem I have with almost all “fruited” IPAs at 5,000 feet (which is the altitude of #ABQ). They seem to loose the fruit flavor for whatever reason. Only reason I can come up with relates to why things don’t taste as good on airplanes. At higher altitudes foods loose flavors & most airplanes are pressurized ~7,500 feet, which is only ~2,500 feet higher then Albuquerque. This is also why I think VERY hoppy west coast style IPAs do very well around here. They pack so much flavor, we still get that full flavor, even at 5k feet above sea level. This is completely non-scientific and just the random ass thoughts that go through my head. To make it Scientific, I must drink more beer and repeat my tests over, and over again. :-) Also, these were the badges I got on @Untappd for checking this beer in. They are all rather fitting for today being IPA day.
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