Posted: 8261.4 hours ago
Drove the #ABQART #BRT transit corridor today. In some places they look so close to being done & in others, not so much. It’s like there’s no rhyme or reason to how they’ve constructed the corridor. I’ve already noticed some things that are just gonna throw #ABQ drivers for loops. Like this picture. The whole corridor is gonna technically be “no left turns” (into or out of businesses / streets) except at approved locations, with U-Turns required to access a business or street on the other side. Problem is, for most of the corridor, there’s no physical barrier(s) that’s gonna stop #NMDrivers from making a left. So I think we will see lots of drivers using and turning left through the bus only lanes like they are a large center turn lane. Now maybe after they are done, they will come back & add a physical barrier of some sort to prevent people from turning across where they shouldn’t. I do wonder how many crashes / accidents are gonna happen in the corridor the first few months everything is up and running. The other thing I noticed is the traffic lights. The #BRT lanes will technically operate independently of the traffic lanes they are next to. And in some portions, there is a single bus lane that will be shared & require busses to stop at special traffic lights. Some of those lights are mounted on their own polls and some are mounted on the end of the same traffic lights as the ones that control intersections. There are also a few Hawk lights (google it), which I don’t know how people will handle. We have two here, but they are in areas I don’t travel much, so I haven’t seen them in operation yet. All of this means there is gonna be a huge adjustment period after everything is up and running. It will be interesting to see… (at Nob Hill, Albuquerque, New Mexico)
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