Posted: 6829.2 hours ago
The math doesn’t add up. As a full time worker, I could earn ~70 hours a year of paid sick time (that rolls over every year), but employers only have to let their employees use 56 to 40 hours a year? Huh? I’ve been here 12.5 years. At this point I would have accrued ~875 hours of sick leave, but if my company wanted to, would only be allowed to use ~500 hours of that meaning even if I used every hour of sick time, my account would still have ~375 hours in it. Granted, I get a company could let you use all ~70 hours a year, but damn… Also, even though my office is basically in the middle of the city, we wouldn’t have to follow this policy, even if it passes. Why? Our office is actually in a small island of county that actually isn’t part of the city… But seriously, I want to know who the hell wrote this? I’m all for paid sick leave being a requirement, but this plan is just asinine in many ways.