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Posted: 515.9 hours ago
This happened on SATURDAY, yet we are just finding out about it 4 DAYS LATER on TUESDAY night?! What the hell? And this happened right behind my office! I work in a “colorful” area. And while I highly doubt he’s gonna stick around that area, it still makes me feel really safe (sarcasm)! #NewMexicoTrue
Posted: 522.1 hours ago
Holy hell, #NMDrivers NOT blocking the box! What the hell is this witchcraft?
Posted: 531.0 hours ago
Hey World Market, it’s August 1st! Why are you already trying to push “Fall” Pumpkin products on us…
Posted: 547.6 hours ago
#NMWx: I kinda want to be like, duh, have you see what’s bearing down on us? Also, if you don’t have to drive right now, it’s probably best you wait this out. (at New Mexico)
Posted: 565.5 hours ago
I kinda want to try to buy this, just to see if my credit card would let me. But knowing my luck, it would go through & then I’d have to declare bankruptcy…
Posted: 567.8 hours ago
#NMWx: No wonder it feels muggy outside! 76% humidity, with a dew point of 62 degs! That #DewPoint is east coast dew point right there! The downpour that passed through an hour ago or so dropped the temperature 20 degs in an hour! Even with the humidity and dew point, it still feels pretty good outside. I love #monsoon season!
#nmwx #dewpoint #monsoon
Posted: 571.7 hours ago
I never realized that Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner had been on #CHiPs. Looks like she did 5 episodes in season 5.
Posted: 592.0 hours ago
Hey, um, #Amazon, um, what the hell are you, um, selling here?
Posted: 615.5 hours ago
Pretty sure Buddy was trying to use my iPad (with his tongue) while I went and picked up my dinner… #DogsOfInstagram
Posted: 641.5 hours ago
Oooh, this should be interesting to watch. What will Trump do? Excuse me while I grab the popcorn…
Posted: 659.5 hours ago
Normally I’d make a #StarWars reference here, but sadly, this guy isn’t really happy with the storms that are blowing up over the metro right now. We don’t get a lot of them & he’s not really sure what’s going on. So I’m trying a homemade thunder shirt, which is just a blanket. Hopefully it helps him, because I’d really like to go back to sleep…
Posted: 668.9 hours ago
Car is 10.5 years old and just hit 88888 miles… To say I don’t drive a lot is an understatement…
Posted: 673.7 hours ago
Fuck #Trump and the golden dick shaped horse he rode in on! While I’ve always known, he is no friend of the #LGBT (of which the T stands for Trans!). This is just another form of discrimination against the LGBT community!
#trump #lgbt
Posted: 686.5 hours ago
Back on the ground in #ABQ. Even though I fly multiple times a year, I still love to look out the window like a young child flying for the first time. (at Albuquerque International Sunport)
Posted: 688.5 hours ago
That #PilotLife! Not gonna lie though, walked to the rear of the plane to use the restroom and a flight attendant was chowing down. It smelled amazing! I was jealous. (at Dallas Love Field (DAL))
Posted: 712.2 hours ago
Crabs! This is turning into a last night tradition. Also catching up with a good friend before she moves to Belgium. (at Quarterdeck Restaurant)