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3-ducks-in-a-trenchcoat: big-gold-octopus: athelind: yvonne008: brainwad: identicaltwinhalfbrother: choachie150: spectrometon: krustybunny: acciowine: justrollinon: bsparrow: ashermajestywishes: kendralynora: so is Victory LOVE TRIANGLE Don’t forget Truth (Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind) This must be why the Trump administration hates them all The Four Horsewomen of the Trumpocalypse. I’ve never reblogged anything so quick The Ultimate Squad, comin’ to wreck your shit and save the world Rb for that art doe Dignity here to join the girl posse. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE reblogging for the second time ALWAYS REBLOG Reblogging because I don’t think Dignity was on it last time I saw it. If truth, a painting, can be on here, then how about a personal favorite? Fortitude.
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zodiac-queens: Scorpio Rising “…her dreamy, lazy moods, her oppressive quiteness, and her lassitude gave her countenance an aura of mystery.” -Marianne Walker describing Margaret Mitchell Hozier - Cherry Wine Inspiration: Star Hosseini
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dailyhorizon: Horizon Zero Dawn: Main Characters » Aloy G: If you had had a child, Elisabet, what would you have wished for him or her? E: I guess… I would have wanted her to be… curious. And willful - unstoppable, even… but with enough compassion to… heal the world… just a little bit.
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lvnalcveqood: @riordanversenet event: favorite god; artemis the young girl looked at me, her eyes colder and brighter than the winter moon. “I am artemis,” she said. “goddess of the hunt.”
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delphidivination: THE NEW YOU SPREAD For use when you are looking for self improvement, or are unsure where you want to be in life. Crystals to use: Citrine (positivity + Solar Plexus Chakra) Tiger’s Eye (grounding) Amethyst (intuition) Rose Quartz (self love)
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